Gold the Dinosaur of Real Wealth
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Gold the Dinosaur of Real Wealth


Gold is a dinosaur so many people proclaim. Yet gold is still living. It never died. It never disappeared. "It's Alive," no matter how many people deny this. People wear it, people collect coins, people hunt for it, people mine for it, people rob and murder for it, and people manipulate and control it. The same with silver. 

If gold is a dinosaur it is oldest living one on the planet. You still cannot see any loss of abilities or worn and weathered features to show it is aging and is a dead. Gold is always real money. Not currency. 

I was listening to a James Rickards interview and he made a very interesting comment. "Bitcoin is deflationary, it keeps going up."  Money should not go up in value the way Bitcoin does. That comment is a paraphrase of his comment but the first is a direct quote. I found that very interesting.  Another statement by him was "The Dollar is the leading crypto currency." 

Which I have told my friends the same. What is a credit card but crypto currency? What is a bank loan? Numbers changing location on bank ledger. Right? 

But no matter what people think of Gold and Silver being living or dead its seems very much to me that gold and silver have proven themselves for thousands of years. Yet,  in today's world of game theory even "money" is theory.  Modern Monetary Theory, everything is a theory even when they tell the masses gold is no good yet banks changed GOLD into a Tier 1 asset a few years ago. Why? Um. There are no risk in owning gold. Once you paid for it, you own it if you have it in your hand. 

The dinosaur still lives for one reason only, it is not good for very many other things. In India people wear their wealth as jewelry, but it is their savings and wealth. Yet here in America people act like gold died thousands of years ago and it is not dead today. 

How many states have legalized Gold and Sliver as acceptable forms of payment? A link below to give you the answer. 

So now with Bitcoin going up people think it could be the worlds reserve currency. Yet as it goes higher fewer people will have access with its lack of growth.

Even gold is produced at a small rate each year. Still kicking around, living on the belief in a society who understands that Gold and Silver are money.

Just as the Constitution reads, only Gold and Silver can be used as money in America. Yet the world lives off the US FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE and the EURO, both are fake money and only paper. 

Do you understand Gold and Silver are precious elements, on the periodic table. Fundamental to the world. Gold is atomic element #79, Silver Ag. These are rare and are worth much more than the world is pretending and everyone who knows anything about reality does not believe in US Fed Notes or the Euro as real money. The same goes for all the crypto's, however that is not to say one should not do what they want with their currency. And if they can turn it into real assets way to go. 

Bitcoin a digital creation is worth $30 or $40K and a precious metal is worth less than $2,000. Ask yourself how much reality does one have to slip from to believe that digital currency has any real value other than as an exchange medium and a roulette wheel. 

This is not financial advice.

Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

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