“For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

“For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

This quote from Ecclesiastes 1:18 says many things with only a few words.

Wisdom is grief,

Knowledge increases sorrow.

These words ring true today as they did in the past. People are afraid, acting like they a not concerned with the changes coming to the earth, which will bring great sorrow. People are being told they must take a vaccine. No, that is tyranny, no matter how many lawyers decide they can pass a law that says everyone must take it. That again is tyranny. Outright dictatorship, and with the Socialist Democrat Party that is what we will have in America. Just like in German under Hitler, NAZI = National Socialist. History is repeating its self or at least starting to rhyme as Mark Twain said. The elected officials in America are mostly traitors. They have sold out America to the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, they do not work for you. They work for the corporation. They get paid by the Corporation, The Republic has been usurped by the lawyer's who have rewritten the truth and told you a lie. You are no more free than any other slave in the Corporate run Technocracy of Democrat/Republican Dictatorship, Remember what they all shout "There is a limit to free speech (the 1st Amendment) and the right to bear arms, (the 2nd Amendment)." This quote from Hilary, shows you they intend to limit all your rights to free speech and the right to bear arms. They want you to Obey them, How dare you question them. Take a vaccine even if it kills you, do as you are told, obey. 

You have not choice, obey, they demand it.

Close your business, take your vaccine, do as you are told or else.

Else what?

People should simply ignore and disobey these criminals, 

People are still wearing mask, still social distancing and it ain't working. One giant lie to get you to obey.

You all wear you mask, you all are still getting sick. Perhaps the saying the cure is worse than the disease is actually the truth in the case of this giant "BIG LIE." 

These people are like the Piped Piper leading you and the nation down a road of ruin, while they smile and pretend everything is rosy and happy. All the while they betray you to the "HIVE MIND" of communism. Cowards are afraid of the truth, Traitors are afraid of the truth. 

The only limit to free speech and gun ownership is how much will the people allow these tyrants to push them around with their media lies and their political lies that have confounded and confused so many people with. People with reprobate minds can no longer think or make a rational decision. How can a nation all of a sudden not see the corruption and lies of their elected officials, of technocrats who censor anyone who they dislike or disagree with. So now it all comes down to personal choices to believe the idiots at Twitter, communist hive Twits. Or the idiots over and Facebook, who are all dung faced fools. And Google and You Tube and all of those little brained communist platform twits, who want to be a part of the hive mind of tyranny. Or the opinion media, since the news no longer exist over the airwaves in America. NPR run by the hive mind. 

All those who voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time should all be charged with sedition. We the people have been betrayed by our own leaders, they are modern day Benedict Arnolds, everyone of them. Bowing to their masters of the Globalist Hive Communist God haters. Betraying the people, the country and God. 

Make sure you vote for them again and again and wear you mask forever and if you don't take a vaccine we will force you to. Obey, you must obey. 

Or What?

You will murder us?

No US government employee that was elected or appointed or hired by them can be trusted again. Bureaucrats are a major problem in our country. Fire 90% of all government bureaucrats and their hires. 20 million federal employees should be fired today.

Everything you have been told all your life is a lie? Wake Up! 


Voice of Freedom
Voice of Freedom

Just a old man with an opinion of most anything. Music Reviewer, also Recorded 7 lp's 2 punk, 5 country and country rock and roll. Record Collector trying to figure out how to sell records over the block chain. Writing a blog for the last three years.

Voices for Freedom
Voices for Freedom

A voice for free speech, religious freedom, monetary freedom, freedom from government (Swamp) control. From from lies and deception. "Let no man fool you by any means." Freedom from political tyranny. Freedom a voice that never dies. As more voices shout FREEDOM, "Give Me liberty or give me death." * Patrick Henry

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