BAT (Brave Browser) and XRP (Ripple Coil)


Hello dear Crypto enthusiasts,


recently I have seen a tweet of Brendan Eich, the funder of Brave Browser (BAT), which claims that soon, you are going to be able to add your own wallets adress for receiving cryptos.


I saw Ethereum #ETH , Bitcoin #BTC and others. And I did not see Ripple(XRP)


I was not very surprised because both Brave Browser and Coil enable content creators like me to send their creation.


I am holder of a youtube Channel, so XRP (Coil) is also a good way to be rewarded to publish my contents.


The same for publish0x, which is a very nice place.


But honestly, when I compare publish0x and Coil, I find publish0x more transparent and attractive.


Coil remains difficult to use, and the interface is not fantastic in my point of view.

Brave Software can allow you to be rewarded either on Coil or publish0x.


But the fact that Coil is associated to XRP (Stefan Tomas) and publish0x is associated to BAT (Brave Software) make me think that there is a certain competition between Coil (Ripple XRP) and Brave Software.


Moreover, the Cryptocurrency XRP remains at 55% controlled by Ripple, whereas almost all the BAT Cryptocurrencies are on the open market.

On this point of view, the market of BAT seems to be much more healthy.

What is your opinion ?


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