4 CRYPTOCURRENCIES in which YOU ARE REWARDED on Publish0x - Basic Attention Token, HYDRO, DAI, and Bounty0x ?
Publish0x rewards in DAI BAT HYDRO

4 CRYPTOCURRENCIES in which YOU ARE REWARDED on Publish0x - Basic Attention Token, HYDRO, DAI, and Bounty0x ?

Good evening dear Friends, Crypto Enthusiasts, and Crypto Investors,

I hope you have a great day today.

You maybe know that Publish0x rewards you in 4 CryptoCurrencies

Among them, Basic Attention Token, HYDRO and DAI.



I was wondering why We never receive rewards in Bounty0x.

So, by curiosity, for Bounty0x, I just went on coinmarketcap and noticed that the daily volume of exchange is too low. Maybe for this reason that this is not yet used on Publish0x. I don't know in fact.

Today, the exchange volume of Bounty0x is 19.34$, so it is too low to be serious.


Either you read or write an article on Publish0x, you rewarded. That's a new concept and it is changing many things in the medias. Once again, the principle is to pay you for the attention you pay. :)


Thanks for reading





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Basic Attention Token - Brave Software
Basic Attention Token - Brave Software

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