Don't miss the "new" Bitcoin

Did you miss the beginning of BITCOIN? Don't miss ZENIQ's beginning!

By Baptiste | BaptisteB | 3 Nov 2021

Did you miss the beginning of BITCOIN?

Don't miss ZENIQ's beginning!


Like all of us here, I think, you have at some point already thought about the first time you heard of Bitcoin.

And you say to yourself, if I had known!

Isn't that the reality?


We are all looking for the “new” Bitcoin, the new token that will make us rich in a few years.

Or we're all looking, and I find it much more interesting, the next Bitcoin yes, but the next Bitcoin-worthy project.


I present you one of these projects in this article!




-> Here is the Zeniq Coin.

Zeniq to its own Blockchain which is set up by Zeniq Tech:

The ecosystem has already been in operation since April 2021.

Zeniq Tech is a company and a project domiciled in Dubai.

Supported by the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates and by the OCS Bank!


Yes, you read that right.


Their partnership is not trivial, together they have the project to make the city of Dubai the first Crypto city in the world.

And especially the first Tokenized city in the world!

This is a first and it is a project of extraordinary magnitude.


Zeniq Coin is therefore in its infancy and will soon be visible to the general public.


For the moment we find it on nomics:


End of year or early next year, Zeniq will be listed on CoinmarketCap, “CZ” the CEO of Binance was present at Zeniq's first international public convention in Dubai on October 23-24, 2021.



It is also already redeemable on UniSwap:

Or on PancakeSwap:

Zeniq is starting with full energy and full of innovative projects within DeFi.


-> Soon Zeniq will offer us a Dex wallet, such as Metamask, Binance Smart Chain Wallet or even TrustWallet.

Zeniq Smart Chain will logically be released before the end of the year.

Zeniq will also, and at the same time, offer us a DeFi “exchange” platform, that is to say a Pancakeswap and Uniswap type swap platform!

Its name: Zeniq Swap.


This therefore means that the Zeniq ecosystem will grow!


We are at the start of a great opportunity to position ourselves at the start of something very big and very serious.


As of this writing, Zeniq is worth around $ 0.344 only and it is not listed on either CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko yet.

And is not yet tradable on Binance or Coinbase for example.

You see where I'm going I guess, this is just the beginning! :-D


But you know what?


The real opportunity for us is that we can buy “Hubs” that will do Minting!

So to give us Zeniqs every day in our personal wallet!




A full “Hub” corresponds to a full MasterNode.

This is the real opportunity for the pioneers who will follow this extraordinary project!

It is possible to buy one or more fractions of a Hub for those who could not buy a full Hub at 1499 €. (More details in private or in exchange via the comments)

The icing on the cake is that at the start of next year, Zeniq will have launched its own exchange, its own Binance-type exchange platform for example!

And you know what?


100% of the profits generated by this exchange will be donated to Zeniq holders!


Yes yes, once again you read that correctly! ;-)


The goal is to position itself in the 10 largest exchanges in the world within the third year after launch.

Imagine the potential when you see the results of Binance, Coinbase etc ...


There you have it, now you understand why this title for this article.


For its commercial and marketing development, Zeniq has created a second company: Safir Global, also in Dubai.

Safir exclusively to sell Zeniq products and services, including the famous Hubs (MasterNode) which are for me the biggest Crypto opportunity of the moment!


I will tell you about Safir and I will go into more detail about services like Hubs in a future article.




Goodbye !

And long live the fabulous world of Crypto and Blockchain!

For a better and free world!


In the meantime, if you want to see more of the inside, registration is completely free:



Update: As agreed, here is the link to my second article which will talk about the sequel and the th company, Safir.




OCS bank sources:

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I am a big CryptoFriendly. I discovered Bitcoin in September 2011 and started mining it. I made a lot of money but I should have made a lot more by keeping them! In any case, it changed my life when I first encountered this revolution that is the Blockchain, and I am still interested in lending to large crypto projects. This is why I am here.

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