A new way to increase our profits with BSC-Bank Finance and what is

By Vlad tundi | bank finance | 30 Apr 2021




BSC -Bank Finance 

BSC-Bank Finance is operated by Cake staff and offers the possibility to increase our wallets in just 30 days 300% by the fact that we make deposits at the same time they offer for each a free deposit in which we can make 0.1 CAKE per day that we can collect it every 5 minutes

is made on the binance smart chain network


link for BSC- Bank Finance


offers us 7 coins available through which we can multiply our tokens these coins are the following

deposits in BNB start from


deposits in BDUS start from


deposits in CAKE start from


deposits in ETH start from


deposits in BTCB start from


DOT deposits start at


deposits in ADA start from


personally for me it is quite good as long as it offers a good chance to win in a smart contract

and withdrawals and deposits are made automatically from the wallet with which you connect you can also log in with





the investments are made as follows:


the first step is after we are connected to BSC-Bank Finance we select deposit funds in which we can choose the currencies listed above select which currency we want and how many coins we add and click deposit.

the first step is after we are connected to BSC-Bank Finance we select deposit funds in which we can choose the currencies listed above select which currency we want and how many coins we add and click deposit

the second step after the deposit is up on the left is to press open the warehouse.


a 3rd step we have the option to make a real deposit with crypto and a demo deposit in which we see how it is daily earnings per day at a certain amount if you made a deposit select real crypto currency added the total amount of currency and towards the end we click open deposit.


and we make withdrawals as follows:


after collecting the coins that will appear on the left, select the withdrawal that we want to withdraw and press withdrawal in maximum 5 minutes you have money in your wallet with. who logged in




My investments in BDC-Bank Finance are these:



which is automatically stored in your wallet the idea is that you can't enter from the browser because it's a smart contract and for those who want crypto for free and without the possibility it's a good thing


and my withdrawals:


I just presented a way to earn money in a free way or by deposit

I do not encourage or invite in this way I just gave my personal opinion

for those interested you can enter here


link to BCS-Bank Finance


if you have reached the end of my post I would be grateful if you would follow me and in the future I will come back with different news from the crypto world I wish you the best of luck and gain as much as possible


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bank finance
bank finance

The decentralized BSC-Bank Finance project allows you to manage your deposit in a comfortable way. They have developed a unique lending protocol on the landing platforms of the BSC network. Double your balance each month with the dividend they pay from investments in landing protocols. Inflationary mechanics will help you protect your balance sheet, as well as speed up all transactions. BSC-Bank Finance has a staff of top blockchain experts and financial analysts

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