Free BANANO NFTs: cryptomonKeys Update #8: Alien Worlds monKeymining and Staking Update!

By banano | Banano | 23 Jan 2021

BANANO is a DAG-based cryptocurrency with easy-to-use apps, distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games. All happening in a fun, community-driven, meme-rich, and educational atmosphere. The BANANO community project cryptomonKeys just started few months ago with free distribution of BANANO-themed NFTs/digital trading cards and is getting lots of positive vibes from a rapidly growing community. 

Few days ago we have announced monKeymining — mine cryptomonKey NFTs by playing the game AlienWorlds! This got lots of attention with 1000+ participants just in the first few days, so here’s a first update with a summary of the first week’s mining (and staking) rewards that were sent out today!


monKeymining and monKeystaking Update

If this is new to you: You can mine cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the brand new free-to-play/play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds. You earn by mining and now also by staking just by playing the game, on top of the regular in-game rewards! More updated details further below.

Also, cryptomonKeys was  featured just yesterday in the Bad Crypto Podcast/Nifty Show, if you missed it check it out here for some more background:


What is Alien Worlds and what does it have to do with cryptomonKeys?

The Alien Worlds Team is building an awesome and innovative NFT-based gaming ecosphere with lots of future possibilities including community governance and implementation of third party NFT projects. The game is currently in open beta and mining is live as its first in-game feature just since a few weeks. No worries, mining does not require any powerful computer, it basically just needs your time to play and even works on a normal smartphone. You currently receive Trilium (TLM, the in-game cryptocurrency) and AlienWorld NFTs for mining in Alien Worlds.
If you would like to learn more about Alien Worlds check out

The cool thing in particular is that Alien Worlds is being built to become a DeFi-NFT-focused metaverse that allows other projects to integrate their NFTs into the game. The cryptomonKeys team decided to engage early on with this new ecosphere and distributes cryptomonKeys NFTs to players mining on lands owned by the cryptomonKeys project. And, on top of regular in-game Trillium and Alien Worlds NFT rewards: monKeymining is here!

Here is how to get started:

  • If you don’t have a WAX Cloud Wallet yet, get one here in just a few seconds: (no download required, just sign up with Google or other social media handles)
  • Next, head over to and log in with your Wax Cloud Wallet (make sure popups are not blocked). Note: If you are new and have no AlienWorlds NFTs yet, just wait a few minutes and try again in case you’re running into any error messages. You will receive free NFTs to get started, but this sometimes takes few minutes. If you need support, join our discord and find the channel #monkeymining. We are happy to help you ❤
  • When you are ready for mining, you will need to set a land you will ‘mine’ on. To be eligible for cryptomonKeys bonus rewards, select the planet ‘Neri’ and then use any one of the lands listed below for mining:
    Planet Neri, coordinates 35:5, Tree Forest
    Planet Neri, coordinates 18:7, Mountains
    Planet Neri, coordinates 5:10, Rocky Crater
    Planet Neri, coordinates 7:7, Plains
    Planet Neri, coordinates 10:13, Sandy Desert
    Planet Neri, coordinates 2:10, Dunes
    Land details can be found here.


  • Every time you mine you will receive Trillium (TLM, the in game currency) and have a chance on AlienWorlds NFTs. If you mine on one of the lands owned by the cryptomonKeys project you will additionally get a chance on cryptomonKeys NFTs as rewards! It’s that easy, no need to do more from your side, we will pull the data directly from the blockchain every 1–2 weeks, rank everyone and send cryptomonKeys to your wallet.
  • Same for monKeystaking rewards: Stake the TLM you earned to Planet Neri. You will receive cryptomonKeys as staking rewards if you cross a certain threshold explained further below, and you’ll received more or better cards the more you stake to Neri. Rewards will be paid automatically to the account the NER tokens (which are received when you stake TLM to Neri) are held on. You can check your ranking here. Also, when you stake your TLM to Neri you will indirectly increase mining rewards for all miners on Neri over time. 
  • Just for fun, not mandatory or giving extra rewards currently: When you stake, make sure the decimals are .1919 (e.g. staked amount total 1234.1919) so everyone will recognize your stake as coming from the cryptomonKeys community.
  • In case of doubt if all is correct or any questions, join our discord and ask anyone in the channel #monkeymining for help to double check.

monKeymining and monKeystaking Rewards Details

Note: The following details have been updated and will be further adjusted/updated over time whenever needed. Rewards for the last cycle are unaffected by any new rules.

  • We will monitor mining over timeframes of 1–2 weeks and pull data for rewards whenever we have time to send those out. This makes it a little less predictive but more feasible from our side. Just mine as much as you can :). For staking, we will take a snapshot every 1–2 weeks as well and send out rewards to top stakers.
  • Everyone who mines at least 19 TLM on one of the cryptomonKeys lands will get cryptomonKeys NFT rewards. All others will still have a low chance on randomly dropped cryptomonKeys.
  • Everyone who stakes at least 199 TLM to Neri will get cryptomonKeys rewards. All others will still have a low chance on randomly dropped cryptomonKeys.
  • The more you mine or stake the higher chances you’ll have on more (and more rare) cryptomonKeys. In addition parts of rewards are distributed randomly
  • Mining rewards and staking rewards will be sent out every 1–2 weeks
  • Consider this an open beta and the first step of our long-term connection to the Alien Worlds ecosphere (with likely higher rewards now than in the future). We will provide regular updates!

Reward Summary cycle #1


Rewards were sent out for all mining events happening on specified cryptomonKeys lands from January 14, 2021 to January 20, 2021. 

A total of 1007 different users mined a total of 137k TLM during this timeframe. That’s an average of 136.34 TLM per user.

667 users mined more than 19 TLM. Getting into the Top 19 miners required mining of 770 TLM. Getting into the Top 91 required mining of 418 TLM.

Top 19 miners
1 zp2aw.wam
2 k1kaw.wam
3 ud2aw.wam
4 wp2aw.wam
5 ip3aw.wam
6 zz1aw.wam
7 klaaw.wam
8 r.kqy.wam
9 jh5aw.wam
10 u55qw.wam
11 tl2aw.wam
12 jomqy.wam
13 2lbqw.wam
14 dwday.wam
15 454aw.wam
16 ut1ay.wam
17 lr1qw.wam
18 4kfqw.wam
19 yieaw.wam

monKeymining reward details:

Note: This is provided in full detail this time to make everything more transparent for the community. Future reward allocation details will likely not be provided at that level of detail to minimize the workload for the team.

  • No 1 ranked miner: ‘Planet of monKeys’ Mint #1 (Rare)
  • Top 10 ranked miners: ‘The monKeylorian’ (Rare)
  • Top 19 ranked miners: ‘Pro-Waxxer’ or ‘Anti-Waxxer’ (Rare)
  • Top 91 ranked miners: ‘Planet of monKeys’ (Rare)
  • All 1007 miners: ‘The Market Maker’ or ‘The Bounty Hunter’ (Common)

In addition, the following cryptomonKeys NFTs were randomly dropped to also give new users/less equipped miners a chance on more rare cards:

  • 1x ‘New Years monKey’ (Legendary, recipient j3jaw.wam)
  • 1x ‘Blue Wizard’ (Epic, recipient b51ay.wam)
  • 10x ‘The monKeylorian’ (Rare)
  • 70x ‘Planet of the monKeys’ (Rare)
  • 100x ‘Pro-Waxxer’ (Rare)
  • 100x ‘Anti-Waxxer’ (Rare)
  • 126x ‘monKey McDuck’ (Uncommon)
  • 81x ‘The Yellow Ritual’ (Uncommon)
  • 50x ‘HODLOR!’ (Uncommon)
  • 50x ‘ChREEEstmas monKey’ (Uncommon)

Total cryptomonKeys cards sent as monKeymining rewards: 1677

monKeystaking rewards

We didn’t widely announce upfront that we will reward users who stake TLM to Planet Neri will receive cryptomonKeys rewards, but we already took a snapshot of TLM stakers to Neri (=NER holders) on January 22, 2021 and have sent out rewards to many stakers this round. 

At the time of snapshot 1.56 Million total TLM was staked to Neri. 442 stakers had more than 19 TLM staked and received rewards as follows:

Top 19 Stakers: ‘Planet of the monKeys’ (Rare)
Rank 20-119: ‘Pro-Waxxer’ or ‘Anti-Waxxer’ (Rare)
Rank 120–442: ‘The Market Maker’ or ‘The Bounty Hunter’ (Common)

Cycle summary

crytptomonKeys sent out for mining: 1677
cryptomonKeys sent out for staking: 442
TOTAL sent: 2119 cryptomonKeys


Stay tuned for more cryptomonKeys to be revealed shortly, and see you on Neri, the Planet of the monKeys!

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