Things That you Have Missing About BANANO This Week

Things That you Have Missing About BANANO This Week

By Cristalla | BANANO NEWS | 17 Apr 2019

If you still don't know what Banano is you are missing about the most fun meme coin and easy to use powered by DAG technology, this week we have made a lot of good announcements, new stuff and we are growing and helping all comunitys in our reach.

Mining Banano?

Yeah personarly loving the idea and concept, now that is on going is even better, you can read more about this is official article "The New BANANO Miner"

But just mining Banano for fun? for cripto? not just that by mining Banano "you help scientists doing medical research around the world to fight diseases" awesome. How is this possible? 

Instead of running arbitrary calculations to “mine” a cryptocurrency, your computer runs protein fold simulations through Folding@Home, which helps researchers fight Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and many more genetic diseases, and infectious diseases. Then, we send you BANANO depending on the size of your computational contribution.


So Banano is not only rich in potassium is also rich in the wil of helping, go to and join us win coin with your contribution.


For registration you will need a valid BANANO address you can use our Vault and of course the awesome app Kalium, then you can start mining with your User iD and Team ID


Things to know about minner:

You can use VPN for this, you can setup with this guide, Go minning!!

New Telegram and Twitter Tipbot?

Yeah you can read about that in original post "BANANO now has a new Tipbot for both Telegram and Twitter!"  Banano already have a Telegram tip bot, but we have a new one looking good and works for twitter too yeah!!! this is a good way to reach new communities and spread the potassium word.


Thank you to @mitche50 for making this possible, in orden to start used this new @BANANOTipBot check and you can see commands and how to used TipBot.



Celebration is in da house for our new Telegram and Twitter Tipbot, two Twitter giveaways so you can earn BANANO having fun.

Giveaway One here



Giveaway Two here


Remember ends May 1st go!! go!!


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BANANO is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology to disrupt the meme economy.

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