Tywin Lannister, the failed emperor of the Seven Kingdoms
Tywin Lannister, the failed emperor of the Seven Kingdoms

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 21 Sep 2019

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Unlike the straightforward and noble Ned Stark, Tywin Lannister had a very, very significant chance to unite the Seven Kingdoms. I really liked this particular character: cold, prudent, with a snake look, acting insidiously and ruthlessly. But at the same time, Lannister was very stingy, and shed human blood only in the most extreme cases. Perhaps he was the first in the entire series to understand that people are the main value in the feudal economy.

Why have lands if peasants do not work on them at the feudal lord? In the economy of the early Middle Ages, only people produced the Product and Surplus Value. Banks with their bills and factories with their machines appeared much later. Although the series also has the Braovos Iron Bank, not without it. But this bank does not play any active role in the ups and downs of intrigue. In fact, it is a secondary “character” necessary to maintain intrigues associated with money. And in fact, where does the money in the Seven Kingdoms come from for endless wars and the maintenance of impressive armies? Indeed, in the film there is no line about Gold or Silver mines, for example, or some other mines of Gems ... Where did the Seven Kingdoms get their money for gigantic military expenses? Moreover, when farming in a mysterious climate, where winters and summers last unequally, seven to eight years each season?
-Money? Yes, they are from the Iron Bank, of course! -And from the Iron Bank, where does the money come from? -What pester? From the nightstand. That's where!

Tywin Lannister famously twisted diplomatic intrigues, as a result of which he acquired allies dependent on him and divided the forces of the enemies. Only in the most extreme case did Tywin Lannister fight, kill, preferring betrayal and betrayal to honest alliances and battles. Such a person could well become the Emperor of all Seven Kingdoms, united by him into a single state. To anyone else in the series this is simply beyond the power, as it seems to me. Unless ... Oh well, about that character some other time. So. Tywin Lannister could become an emperor, but alas, he didn’t succeed. After all, Lannister never managed to overcome negative emotions for his own son and decided to unfairly condemn him to death. The great and terrible Tywin Lannister was soaked in a toilet by a dwarf, which he had his own son. It’s a pity, it was this negative character named Tywin Lannister who was very cute in the series.


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