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How to start trading for free on Storm Gain with leverage.

By AtomixBob | Bad Grammars | 18 Jan 2022


As you can see in this image I have the leverage option active, multiplying my 53.45 USDT by 500 means I can open a trade using 26725.00 USDT, that's more than half a bitcoin. So in the case that the price of BTC changes by 100 USDT I will earn or lose approx. 50 USDT. Not wise, I prefer a max leverage of 30, Bitcoin can go down by 1000 USDT or more and my trade remains open. That said, the more you risk the more you earn. Learn to read the market and you can get in and out really fast using a leverage of 300.

How to get started for free !

Stormgain Miner

To get your first 10 USDT for free Stormgain provides you with a Miner, every 4 hrs you have to click the circle and complete a simple capture, the first time  I used it I got to 17 USDT pretty rapidly, for some reason the leverage option was open for me, I used it and lost everything in the blink of an eye, it's all part of the learning curve. You earn in BTC so your earnings fluctuate with the price of Bitcoin. Using the leverage it is (maybe not easy, but possible) to spend 150,000 USDT in a month which will put you in the gold tier: higher rate of mining and lower exchange rates.

Since I love a challenge I carried on. Around the third time I got to the 10 USDT min Withdrawal I noticed that Stormgain wanted me to deposit a minimum of 10 USDT to unlock leverage. What no longer free !? what's more the minimum deposit with a credit card is 50 dollars. I quickly found a solution:

Free Cash   

I have tested various apps for earning with surveys, etc. This is my favorite. It works well in my geographical location, has real people in the support section and a chat. Above all it pays out in Bitcoin amongst other things. As you can see my current credit there is 45,332 coins, they are worth 45 dollars. There are lots of offers to do, getting to 10 dollars is not hard especially as a new user. I have used the cashout option multiple times, Pay Pal, Amazon and Bitcoin all work perfectly.

In the Stormgain deposit section using crypto the minimum BTC deposit is 0.00003, copy the deposit address. In the Freecash cashout section select Bitcoin and copy in your Stormgain BTC address. You will have to wait for your withdrawal to be confirmed, within a couple of hours you will see your Stormgain balance go up, head over to the exchange in the Stormgain app and top up your USDT with the required amount to use leverage, normally 10 USDT is enough. Hey presto you are good to go ! I would suggest using extreme caution until you have some idea of what you are doing. Avoid FOMO, avoid panic. Earning 50 dollars a day is not unreasonable, but be happy with 5 at the beginning. Withdraw once you are ahead. Remember only something like 5% of traders survive. You can be part of that 5%.

This is the best method I have found for sending cash to Stormgain. Basically for free, depends how you manage to earn on FreeCash. Some offers are time wasting traps.

Look around, the first time I signed up with Stormgain I got a 5 USDT bonus.

Here is my reference for your first free 3 USDT:

Same with Freecash, I have noticed that you can earn in other app's or site's for opening an account on Freecash.

Here is my reference for 100 free coins (that's 10 cents)

Freecash referral link:

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