By ayjoevote | ayjoe | 6 Apr 2021

NIMIQ OASIS is a non-custodial technology that will help users seamlessly covert their fiat to both Bitcoin and the native NIM token serving as digital cash, example, OASIS will allow merchants to accept crypto like NIM or BTC while receiving fiat like Euro into their bank account and also designed to provide cheap and non-custodial remittances. The source article please do research open


The revolusioner mean Crypto-to-Fiat bridge powered by Nimiq OASIS could significantly enable the solution to scale through strategic partnerships and bring increasing amounts of liquidity quite simply, these entities and individuals could sooner or later have a much quicker, easier and cheaper alternative to move value between the two ecosystem, convenient way to hedge against the volatility of cryptocurrency markets. and has the potential to eliminate the need for 3rd party custodial processors and has the potential to disrupt the business models of industry leaders. It can also make it easier and cheaper for platforms to accept crypto deposits and for merchants to adopt crypto payment methods.


We are more committed than ever to revolutionizing money.




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