Axie Infinity - Economics

Axie Infinity - Economics

Good Day Crypto Dudes!

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, breed and trade pet-like creatures called Axies.  Players from all over the world earn cryptos (namely: Small Love Potions or SLPs) as they play the game.  For details on how to earn, see previous posts Players vs. Environment or PvE, Players vs. Players or PvP, breeding Axies, and buying and selling Small Love Potion tokens (SLPs) on Uniswap.  In the near future, players will also have the ability to earn through land farming and exploring with the Lunacia upcoming release.  

Axie Infinity is creating an entire ecosystem where players can interact with each other and play-to-earn.  The game is gaining in popularity as new features and ways to earn are made available to players.  Here are the key economics as of today, September 16th.

A key metric is the number of Axie token holders.  As of September 16th, there were 7,377 token holders for a total of 151,756 Axies which represents an average of 20.5 Axies per holder.  Here's a graph showing the steady increase of holders since inception.  Chart Credit: Axie World 


Axies are non-fungible tokens that can be bred, bought and sold or collected.  The two most popular places to trade Axies are the Axie Infinity Marketplace and Open Sea.  Sales figures for the past 7 and 30 days are shown below.  

# of Axies Sold            1,240 (7 days)  /  6,637 (30 days)

Total Volume (ETH)      158 (7 days)  /  1,235 (30 days)

Average Price (ETH)     0.269 (7 days)  /  0.371 (30 days)

On the Axie Infinity Marketplace, the cheapest Axie you can buy is currently being offered at 0.0478 ETH, and the cheapest land you can buy is a Savannah plot for 0.1394 ETH.         

Here's a graph showing the average price per Axie sold on the Axie Marketplace for the past 18 months.  Average excludes higher price Axies such as Origin and Mystic.  Chart Credit: Axie World 


And, here's the graph showing average Lunacia land prices for Savannah, Forest and Arctic plots in the past 14 months.  Chart Credit: Axie World   


To begin earning with Axie Infinity, please read my original post outlining step-by-step instructions: Axie Infinity Introduction.  

Feel free to join us on Discord, the Axie Infinity community is very active and welcoming to all new players.  

I would very much appreciate you liking/tipping this post and having you as a follower.  You can find all of my previous posts related to Axie Infinity by clicking HERE.

If you currently don't have Ethereum available to purchase your first three Axies, my suggestion would be for you to join Coinbase and go through the education/quizzes on Coinbase Earn to get rewarded with various crypto-currencies that you can then convert to Ethereum.  Using Coinbase Earn, I have earned well over $100 USD in cryptos which is more than enough money to purchase your first three Axies.  See links below for direct access:  

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To earn cryptos using Coinbase Earn, simply follow these links:

Coinbase Earn (EOS)

Coinbase Earn (Stellar)

Coinbase Earn (Orchid)

Onward and Upward!








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Axie Infinity Universe
Axie Infinity Universe

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, raise, and trade pet-like creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows you to earn cryptos while playing the game. You can also trade your Axies for Ethereum (ETH) to make additional money. Picture Credits: and

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