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As outlined in my earlier posts there are several ways to earn as you play Axie Infinity.  If you haven't heard of Axie Infinity, it is a digital universe where players battle, breed and trade pet-like creatures called Axies.  Players from all over the world earn cryptos (namely: Small Love Potions or SLPs) while they play the game.  

Play-to-earn is fast gaining in popularity within the gaming community.  With Axie Infinity you can earn by playing the game in PvE (Players vs. Environment, also known as Adventure mode), breeding your Axies (click HERE for details), trading Lunacia Land Plots, or trading Small Love Potion tokens (SLPs) on Uniswap

Soon, you will also have the ability to earn while farming your land.  Lastly, and that is the purpose of my post today, you can earn by taking your Axies to battle in PvP mode (Players vs. Players, also known as Arena mode). 

Axie Battle Arena

First you will need to acquire three Axies.  When selecting your Axies, you should look for one Axie with high Health (also known as 'tank' or 'defender' as they can take on a lot of damage to survive attacks) and 2 Axies with high output damage (also known as 'attackers').  Axies come with different abilities (both in attack and defense) and it is always tricky to assemble your perfect team.  As you play the game you will get a better understanding. 

You can also look at the top players to see their team composition.  The very best player currently sits at a 74% win ratio.  You can monitor the top 100 players at Axie Zone

Here are some useful definitions: 

Health: Damage your Axie can take before being taken out.

Morale: Increases chance for a critical strike where damage output is increased. You also benefit from an increased chance at entering last stand (provides you with a final chance at staying longer in the game).

Skill: Adds damage when an Axie plays multiple cards at once (i.e. combo).

Speed: Faster Axies attack first.  Speed also lowers the chance of your Axie being the victim of a critical strike.


At the beginning of the match, your team will receive 6 cards and 3 energies.  You don't have to spend them all at once, you can use them as you see fit based on your game strategy and your opponent's cards and Axie classes.  Each turn will add 3 cards and 2 energies.  Specific cards will give you a chance to draw an additional card, receive 1 extra energy or a chance to destroy or steal one of your opponent's energy or card.  

This is where you can shine or fail based on the cards you use and when.  There is also luck involved as you are served with a limited number of cards each turn and timing is key being served the right cards at the right time.  Also to consider is those sneaky critical strikes or 'crits' in Axie lingo.  

For a better understanding of the card system, I use this great tool called the Cards Explorer.  


Each Axie belongs to a specific class (reptile, beast, bird, etc.) and each class is weak and strong against other classes as shown in the image below.  

As an example, when attacking a Reptile a Beast card will be credited with 15% additional damage.  The opposite also applies which means that a Beast card will deal 15% less damage when attacking a Bird.  

Also, when your Axie uses a card from its class (i.e. a Plant Axie using a Plant card) it will receive a 15% bonus both in attack and shield.  

Axie Classes

Credit Image: Axie Infinity


As you can see battling your Axies is complex and can be a lot of fun.  Don't get upset if you take it on the chin at the beginning of your fighting career, know that you will improve over time while still earning cryptos along the way.  For additional information you can access the following resources:

Axie Infinity Community Alpha Guide, click HERE

Damage and Shield Explained, click HERE

PvP Game Strategy, click HERE and then watch the 8-minute video PVP: Early Game Strategy from's member - Chief


Winning a match will give you a small amount of Small Love Potions (3 to 8 potions).  A Draw, where both players die at the same time, should give you between 1 and 3 potions.  For a Loss, typically no potions are given.  During special events, you can also earn other cryptos (e.g. Digix Gold, Kyber Network) on top of the SLPs you receive.  

To get started, please read my original post outlining step-by-step instructions: Axie Infinity Introduction.  

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If you currently don't have Ethereum available to purchase your first three Axies, my suggestion would be for you to join Coinbase and go through the education/quizzes on Coinbase Earn to get rewarded with various crypto-currencies that you can then convert to Ethereum.  Using Coinbase Earn, I have earned well over $100 USD in cryptos which is more than enough money to purchase your first three Axies.  See links below for direct access:  

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To earn cryptos using Coinbase Earn, simply follow these links:

Coinbase Earn (EOS)

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Onward and Upward!

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Axie Infinity Universe
Axie Infinity Universe

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, raise, and trade pet-like creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows you to earn cryptos while playing the game. You can also trade your Axies for Ethereum (ETH) to make additional money. Picture Credits: and

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