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Axie Infinity - Earning with PvE

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, breed and trade pet-like creatures called Axies.  This free to download/play platform allows players from all over the world to earn cryptos while they play the game.  To get started, you first need to acquire three (3) Axies.  You can buy them for as low as 0.049 ETH each on the Axie Infinity Marketplace or even less on Open Sea.  At today's rate, three Axies will cost you around $60 USD.  So, if you do the math earning $4.00/day on PvE, you pay for your three Axies in 16 days, and then it is pure profit afterwards, how cool is that?  

Keep in mind there are several ways to earn with Axie Infinity, but today I will cover the PvE (Players versus Environment) battle mode which is the easiest way to earn, even for a total beginner.  Earnings are in a form of SLP (Small Love Potions) that you can trade on Uniswap for Ethereum (ETH) or other cryptocurrencies.  Daily earnings on PvE have recently been capped at 100 SLPs.  On average in the past month I have been selling SLPs at a rate of $0.04 per SLP, so 100 SLPs a day equates to $4.00/day before trading fees.  Please note that SLP token fluctuates in value like any other crypto-currency.  For more info on SLPs, see my earlier post Small Love Potion or SLP token.   

Now let's dig in on PvE mode!  There are 36 levels within the first Lunacia Ruin map.  I have just completed level 22.  My Axies (shown below) are at various experience levels (13, 20 and 23 respectively).  Your Axies gain experience as you play the PvE battle game mode. 

Lunacia Map - Axie Infinity

When you first start, your map will only show the first level.  After you complete each level the next one will become available.  The first few levels are very easy to complete and your Axies will gain precious experience points as you progress on the map.  At the same time, you start earning Small Love Potions (SLP tokens) as you win battles.  For the first four levels, you get one (1) SLP per level, at level five you can earn up to 4 SLPs per win.  So, the higher the level the higher the reward.  

You can also earn 2 special one-time bonuses, the first time at Level 21 and the second time at Level 36.  Level 21 gives you a 200 SLP bonus and Level 36 rewards you with 300 SLPs.  In order to reach those levels, you will need to play at the lower levels to earn experience points.  As your Axies obtain experience points, they gain in Strengths and Shields which is needed to win battles at higher levels. 

Lastly, there is also a Daily Quest bonus available where you can earn a cool daily 50 Small Love Potions.  In order to get this, you have to Check in daily, Complete 10 PvE (Adventure Mode) battles (any level will do) and Win 5 Arena matches. 

Daily Quest - Axie Infinity

I will cover Arena matches in a future post as it is a whole different world. In the meantime I invite you to get started with Axie Infinity so you can begin to have fun playing this awesome game and see your earnings grow as you get better and better at it.  Need details on how to get started with Axie Infinity?  Follow this link for step-by-step instructions: Introduction

Onward and Upward!


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Axie Infinity Universe
Axie Infinity Universe

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, raise, and trade pet-like creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows you to earn cryptos while playing the game. You can also trade your Axies for Ethereum (ETH) to make additional money. Picture Credits: and

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