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Axie Infinity - Breeding Process Explained

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One of my favorite aspect of Axie Infinity is the ability to breed your very own Axies.  You can breed an Axie up to seven times.  Once bred you can keep your Axie or turn your Axie into cash by selling them on the Axie Infinity Marketplace or on Open Sea

As of today, you can buy or sell an Axie for a minimum of 0.04 ETH on Axie Marketplace.  The price of an Axie is tied to its abilities which are used in battles to earn cryptos in a form of SLP (Small Love Potion).  In the past 30 days, the average selling price of an Axie was 0.3706 ETH.  

The Breeding Process

First, you need to select which of your Axies to breed.  The selection can be tricky and there is always a bit of luck involved in what your final Axie will look like and which abilities it will have.  To help make a more informed choice a great tool aptly named the Axie Breeding Calculator was made available to the Axie Infinity community by Freak (here's a link to Freak's Medium page). 

Once the selection is complete you can then proceed to the inventory section of your Axie Infinity account (if you are new to Axie Infinity and don't have an account it takes less than a minute to setup one).  From the inventory, you will choose your first Axie and click on the BREED tab as shown below.  

Axie Breeding

Once your first Axie has been chosen you can then select the second Axie.  This will confirm how many Small Love Potions are required to proceed with the breeding.  The number of Small Love Potions depends on the breed count of both parents; the higher the breed count, the more Small Love Potions will be required.  

1st Breed: 100 Small Love Potions

2nd Breed: 200 Small Potions

3rd Breed: 300 Small Love Potions

4th Breed: 500 Small Love Potions

5th Breed: 800 Small Love Potions

6th Breed: 1,300 Small Love Potions

7th Breed: 2,100 Small Love Potions

As an example, if the first parent has a breed count of 2 and the second parent has a breed count of 3, it would cost a total of 500 (200+300) Small Love Potions to breed a brand new Axie.  In the example below, it shows a total of 600 Small Love Potions as both parents have already been bred twice.  

Axie Breeding Final

The nice thing with Small Love Potions is that you can earn them by playing the game on Axie Infinity.  If you want to know more, see my previous post here: Introduction.  Please note there is also a nominal fee of 0.005 ETH and a gas fee to finalize the transaction.  Once the transaction has been processed, an egg will be 'delivered' to your inventory.  Axies take 5 days to reach maturity.  

After 3 days, you can morph your Axie to Petite which will reveal the genes of you new Axie.  Please note there is a small gas fee required to morph your Axie.  I did one today and the cost was 0.007374774 ETH ($2.61 USD).  

Morph to Petite

After two more days, you’ll be able to morph it into an Adult which will require one last gas fee.  As an adult, you can take your Axie to battle, breed them or sell them.  


If you currently don't have cryptos available to purchase your first three Axies, my suggestion would be for you to join Coinbase which provide you with opportunities to earn cryptos with no upfront investment.  On Coinbase, I have probably earned well over $100 in cryptos by simply using Coinbase Earn which is more than enough money to purchase your first three Axies.  See links below for direct access:  

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To earn cryptos using Coinbase Earn, simply follow these links:

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Onward and Upward!


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Axie Infinity Universe

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, raise, and trade pet-like creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows you to earn cryptos while playing the game. You can also trade your Axies for Ethereum (ETH) to make additional money. Picture Credits: and

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