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Non Fungible Tokens or NFT's have been around for a while, CryptoKitties being the very first well known NFT.  Since then several other tokens were developed, one of them being Axie Infinity, which is my favorite.  I currently own 14 Axies and I am presently breeding my second Axie. 

The Axie universe allows you to earn by collecting SLP (Small Love Potions) and selling the tokens using Uniswap.

To earn SLPs, you will take your Axies to battle in PVE mode (Players versus Environment) and PVP (Players versus Players).  I am currently battling my Axies in both battle modes and earning about 100 SLPs per day with represents $3.78 per day at the current exchange rate of $0.037893.  

You can also earn by breeding your Axies.  Once bred Axies can be sold on the Axie Marketplace or Open Sea.  At this time, the minimum price for an Axie is 0.025 ETH on Open Sea and and 0.0375 ETH on Axie Marketplace.  Before you can play and earn you must own a minimum of three Axies, so one must invest some Ethereum before starting to earn.  

In the future, you will also get the ability to earn by farming your land and through drops.  Plots of land can currently be purchased on the Axie Marketplace and Open Sea.  


First Step: Create a Metamask account (link Metamask) and transfer some Ethereum (ETH) in order to purchase your three Axies

Second Step: Create your Axie Infinity account (link Axie Infinity)

Third Step: Purchase three Axies (tip: you can purchase Axie bundles on Open Sea, here's a great example of a starter team: Axie Starter Bundle)

Fourth Step: Time to battle (I strongly recommend you select Adventure mode (PvE) to get acquainted with the game before jumping into the Arena (PvP mode).  Please note that you can play on the following platforms: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.  

Axie Infinity is a complex environment and you will learn as you go. Give yourself a few weeks in order to understand the game and maximize your earnings.  

You will find below some interesting links to get you started on the right foot.  


Getting Started (link Getting Started)

Axie Infinity Twitter (link Twitter) 9421 followers as of today

Axie Infinity Discord (link Discord) 6961 members as of today

Axie Best Fan Site (link Axie World)

Axie Zone (link Axie Zone) another great resource site for Axie

Dapps Universe (link Dapps Universe) more great resources for Axie

Non Fungible Tokens (link  Axie Infinity is 4th on the list with $89,000 and 741 transactions this week alone


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Axie Infinity Universe
Axie Infinity Universe

Axie Infinity is a digital universe where players battle, raise, and trade pet-like creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity allows you to earn cryptos while playing the game. You can also trade your Axies for Ethereum (ETH) to make additional money. Picture Credits: and

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