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By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 31 May 2020

Searching for new crypto hype has become more accessible on this age. One project I researched is known as “ Pi Crypto Mining”.


It’a a project credited to three Stanford University PHDs . Pi is a new “ social cryptocurrency “  , backed by everyday people. Pi can be easily mined on any mobile phones with features of low financial cost, light on the battery and footprint on the planet. Currently has no monetary value since it is in its early phase, but it will for sure in the future depending when it will reach targeted number of participants. The steps to participate in this project are simple :

- download the Pi Network app ( appstore or google play)

- confirm that you are a human being by pressing a lightning symbol on the app at 24 hours intervals  only ( so you can do other things)

- this 24hr interval  initiate the mining process at a predetermined rate (currently 0.20pi/ hr)

Note. : You are free to exit the app after that action without affecting mining process.

After completing  3- mining cyles ( 24 hr each interval), you can become contributor, and your mining rate increases.


Note  : Members can join only Thru invitation from other members. Go to website MINEPI.COM and enter my code

Feel free to use my referral code below:

Invitation code :


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Loving Life

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