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By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 4 Jul 2020


“Make cryptocurrency work while you sleep.”

Earning with the least amount of effort is everyones dream. In the past, this may seem unreachable, but in todays technology it is becoming the new normal. There are so many forms of crypto Coins Passive Investments. Let me share the easier ones , staking and Airdrops. 

Staking. Staking is the most simple way to earn passive income. Exchanges or crypto wallet pays you for holding cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time.  Staking offers a predictable returns of investment than others . Good thing there are no more sophisticated hardware or computer programs needed, making the process very easy. Investors /users just stakes his coins to “forge” blocks by maintaining a wallet or node, go through a certain period , sometimes required to participate in the community voting - chance given to coin holders to be able to participate in the development of the platform or projects.

In my case, I’m very satisfied with Atomic Wallet, giving me earnings on COSMOS,  ATOMIC WALLET TOKEN AND TRON . Why this method? The Atomic wallet App  is free and easy to download, and requires only minimal amount of tokens. 

Airdrops. Airdrops refer  to the widespread distribution of crypto tokens. For some project,  the distributed rewards depend on the amount of current token holdings, and for others , joining social media platforms such as Telegram and/or Facebook can earn you tokens easily. Just make sure you join “The Official ” site community page  to avoid ending up to scam channel. Many would say Airdrop is all about luck , but in my case I have been successful claiming Airdrops , like TRON and BANANO just by following the Official Crypto Site and retweeting / commenting on their current agenda. Claiming airdrops is a win-win solution, you’re given rewards , at the same time you learn about the platform/program and or updates on the Cryptocurrency. 

There are other methods of having Passive Income, such as becoming Master Nodes or Validators . Only limiting factor to become such is the huge amount of crypto tokens you must be holding at the time a reward program is being introduced, making this one an expensive route. But once you have access to a Master Node, the rewards are great. 

Lending and Borrowing Cryptos are another method of earning passively but this trend popular today needs a seperate detailed discussion . 

Important tips : 

Whatever method you choose, Always assess the risks.  “NEVER” invest in an asset just because it is “hype”. And lastly, Always work with “credible ” Crypto exchanges. 

In case you would like to try Atomic Wallet for staking and Binance exchange , You may use the following links below . 


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