Mystical HYIP ( high yield investment program)

By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 29 May 2020


First few months of being a crypto enthusiast was amazing. Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS gave me the gas to move further in this phase of my career. Until I encountered the magical world of HYIP , popularly known as “High Yield Investment Program” . 

Higher returns?

As the name implies, it will give you a lot. Different program names, similar Method—Leave your money and collect the interest daily weekly, even hourly. I read the company’s portfolio, the what and the hows, repeatedly, and still a big doubt in my mind, but my sub-conscience always answer —Yes there is BIG profit, and Yes it’s magic.  Just Imagine, (as in my case) Anyone will be earning 3%  interest daily from the minimum amount you will invest (in my case, its 10$ ) , but the only catch is you have to leave your Principal amount or investment for at least 30 days. Some even have VIP plan that pays more but longer duration of maturity for your principal money. 

Legit or Scam?

From the real worlds perspective of this interest scheme, HYIP are scam. Yet anyone can access them and can register faster than taking a bath. Furthermore, some online sites and past clients (if really existing) would testify that its legit, so giving this scheme some sort of legality. Confusing as it may seem, I almost doubled my investment here, luckily the site was still in operation when I withdraw and discontinued. 

Friendly advice?

It is really risky. As what I have read on others , only invest what you are willing to let go. In case you joined, just withdraw daily ;) Moreover, always check the site “Investors-Protect” that monitor those HYIP’s if it is still paying or not. 


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