Cryptonization : Mix Emotions Run High

By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 20 Jun 2020

Today’s uncertainty in crypto world have brought a lot of emotions to many, including me, a newbie. Since the BTC halving, still here waiting for BTC to Reach the so-called moon. 

Anxious ? Almost everyday “Stalking” the Coinmarketcap and /or coingecko on the price of Bitcoin BTC , gives me  pump once in a while when its price goes up ( since I bought few of it weeks ago when it was low) followed by longingness for something I don’t have when the price hits low again.

Delighted ? Its good to see some other cryptos gained by more than 10% like Augur and Elrond. But then again, how Everyone wish ( that includes me) they had known these long ago. 

How to manage stress? Since Im a Newbie, Most of the time, I like Putting aside technical analysis and vocabularies; 2- words suffice for me - High or Low :)  Would it be nice if someone would just relate crypto price predictions analysis into an equipment  like childrens’ swing or see-saw. 

Finally, Joyful. Crypto trading entails the highest level of risk. No one really knows what will happen. You can win, even if not all the time. But the opportunity to be a part of this learning journey , adapting to technological discoveries is a joyful achievement. 



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Loving Life
Loving Life

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