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By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 2 Jun 2020

We never expected life could end up like this , a world filled with uncertainties. There were too many disease outbreaks in the past, but this latest COVID made an impact.

In almost all countries, quarantine was declared essential and so my life re-routed in a different path. This is just a brief diary of what I gained over the past few months becoming a cook and a baby sitter to a wonderful baby girl. 

First few days of quarantine, nothing to do but always clean the house. This gave me the chance to improve my skills of mopping the floor while singing to a 6-month old baby girl sitting comfortably in a body carrier strap across my chest. At first, lots of hesitation, since the more I sing to my baby, the louder she cries. But I was able to put my baby girl to sleep. The determination ? I sang for almost two-hours , thanks to my recall of lyrics on Twinkle Twinkle little star . 

Since mobility of people was limited, and most shops are closed, I have no choice but to impersonate great cooks I have seen on TV. Mostly , I eat Italian foods. I’d like to emphasize - only eating, not cooking. Pizza? I thought it was easy forming a dough to a circle, but I was wrong. I ended having an elliptical pizza. Pasta? I always love eating black pasta in squid ink sauce in restaurants. But this time, I think I won’t try to cook it again in the future. What happened? Pasta was cooked soft, thanks to my mastery of pasta noodles, but the sauce , I would say was out of this earth. The squid I cooked became so rubbery, it bounces between my teeth when I bite them, and its squid black ink was so thicky black, makes the pasta look like greased with mud. As of present, I’m back with burgers and fries :) 

Now that we are in a new normal, caused by the pandemic, I think it would be worth a while to do things we are not used to. Enjoy life . 



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Loving Life
Loving Life

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