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By Itsmejesse | Loving Life | 18 Jun 2020

Its been  3 months since I entered this new craze of crypto, and I can say its really worth spending time learning in front of my computer learning while staking on my mobile phone . This post is about a beginners take on earning more thru use of Atomic Wallet

Why Atomic Wallet?  

As reviewed by many users and online research( like crypto-vantage), it has several advantages such as the following :

  • Supports several hundreds of coins and tokens supported by Atomic Swap
  • Private keys are encrypted and stored on your device
  • Very Easy to use for newbies in crypto
  • Compatible with nearly every device including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS
  • Have tools to purchase cryptocurrency via credit card
  • Can do token exchange easily
  • Support several Coin staking ( more coins coming ) 
  • Free - to - download and use , with early bonus of Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC ,these you can use for staking too  ) .

At present , with my 10 Atom (Cosmos),  and 200 Atomic wallet coin (AWC ), staking so far is very good. Some would advise you to be 24/7 online BUT No worries even if you go offline, the reward coins updates every time you return online. This is the fact :) So don’t be discourage in staking . 

Will I continue to stake?  YES for sure, as this is a guarantee to earn, with a wonderful Atomic wallet, tested and have good reputation with lots of users. You can follow Atomic in telegram for updates . 

In case you want to try passive income in Crypto Staking :

Download Atomic Wallet , and you can use my referral :          18G4JQ


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Loving Life

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