NFT-game Colonize Mars is a simulator of a colony on Mars.

By Budjardini | AVS_7Group | 11 Nov 2021


The main game revolves around expanding the main colony through activities such as green mining, colony maintenance, and scientific
research. The game uses the latest aerospace technology to communicate payload and mission objectives to educate players on the real science needed to colonize Mars.

As soon as the main colony reaches a large size, players will be able to develop the land and build new colonies of their own with the ultimate goal of making each colony is the center of activity owned by the player.


The goal of the developers is to tell the story of the colonization of Mars in an accurate and compelling way so that more people are inspired to become explorers and pioneers of the last frontier. a Mars Colony simulation game based on the latest aerospace technology and giving players the opportunity to own a piece of it using the blockchain.

This project is only at the beginning of its journey, although a lot has already been done.


NTF and collectibles

NTF Game Cards are digital collectibles designed for people who are inspired by Mars and want to own art that is visually appealing and technically realistic. Some cards are useful because they are used in the gameplay, and with their help, you will receive a game token.



The game will gradually build up the Resource Economy
The cards can be used to extract resources to maintain the colony. The resources will be different, for example, the player can decide to extract Water using his Ice Mining Rig where in the future Water will be used as a first-order benefit and it can be used to increase the productivity of the fuel production plant since water is necessary for the successful production of fuel through the Sabatier reaction.


There are also many other resource extraction devices.





Colonize Mars aims to educate players in the real science needed to
colonizing the red planet, and also gives players a unique opportunity
own collectible NFTs and earn Martya 


All details can be found here:








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