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A first-person shooter is confidently moving towards the transition to blockchain.

By Budjardini | AVS_7Group | 4 Nov 2021

It is possible to receive free tokens every three hours while the transition stage is underway.

This is a mobile game first-person shooter that has done well over the years. Killbox has over 100 million downloads and reaches 1.65 million active users worldwide.



Seeing all the prospects, he decides to conquer the world of blockchains and begins active preparation for this.

The game will have its own $ TKB token and NFT in the form of various rare weapons. The token can buy you upgrades, the upgrades make it more likely you will win more tokens, this all encourages more gameplay and drives the value of the NFT’s and $TKB.


As we can see, very extensive use of the token in the game is planned.


And the most interesting thing is that at the moment the team has already launched an active program to attract participants and every three hours you can request FREE TOKENS that can be received on your wallet as soon as the game is fully transferred to the blockchain.


Now about the team. Since the game was launched a very long time ago and has been developing for 5 years, during this time the team has accumulated tremendous experience and is now ready to apply it using blockchain technology.



The game can become very popular as it can potentially reach all players, including non-crypto currencies, and become the first truly massively adapted Blockchain P2E game.

All details can be found here:

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