Final Countdown to Avengers Endgame

By CryptoRidz | Avengers Endgame | 16 Apr 2019

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It's 10 days left on the clock for the biggest superhero showdown ever.

Are you ready for 3 hours and 7 mins of nonstop superhero coolness? Infinity war was left hanging over the edge, leaving all of us Marvel fans pulling our hairs , seeing our new heroes turning into dust.I think we've waited long enough to see a Cap-Stark handshake and now we've seen it in the trailer.


We did'nt see much of Cap or the others in Infinity War but that will not be the case in Endgame.

Since this is a culmination of 21movies that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) , it's the perfect time to binge watch or have a movie marathon.

For those who aren't aware of all the Marvel fantasm and coolness here's a list of all the movies that make up the MCU:

1. Iron Man(2008)

2.The Incredible Hulk(2008)

3. Iron Man 2(2009)

4. Thor(2011)

5.Captain America-The first Avenger(2011)

6. The Avengers(2012)

7.Iron Man 3(2013)

8. Thor-The Dark World(2013)

9. Captain America-The Winter Soldier(2014)

10. Guardians of the Galaxy(2014)

11.Avengers-Age of Ultron(2015)


13.Captain America-Civil War(2016)

14.Doctor Strange (2016)

15.Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2-(2017)

16.Spider Man Homecoming(2017)

17.Thor Ragnarok(2017)

18.Black Panther(2018)

18.Avengers Infinity War(2018)

20.Ant-Man and the Wasp(2018)

21.Captain Marvel(2019)

22.Avengers Endgame(2019)

We've got exciting stuff to see in Endgame-

Time travel,the quantum realm,Ronin's new hairstyle blah,blah..Who's stronger Captain Marvel or Thor?etc..etc

Is there a 7th Infinity Stone?

We've still got no clue whether the dead heroes will return in Endgame or not.Is there a bigger threat out there?Who is gonna die?

We'll get all the answers in 10 days.


Word of Advice to any Marvel fan:

Bring your handkerchiefs to the theatre.


Cryptoholic Teenage Prodigy

Avengers Endgame
Avengers Endgame

The time has come. We've got 10 days left to watch the most anticipated movie of the year and probably the movie that might have the highest box office in the decade. We've waited a long time for this- One last battle between the Avengers and Thanos.

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