The Uniswap Vision

By Austin Reihl | Cyberfeed | 27 Jan 2021

The Uniswap protocol has a community-driven vision with its highly decentralized infrastructure and trustless nature. With the UNI-V2 platform thriving, the decentralized exchange (DEX) spearheaded by community-driven growth and development has created a self-sustaining and open financial ecosystem.


The Founding of Uniswap


Hayden Adams is the creator of the Uniswap protocol. Adams has gone on the record to say that he “strongly believes” in an open-source financial system. With increased participation by many of those currently excluded by our current system, he believes this can ultimately result in an equal distribution of wealth.


By creating an accessible financial infrastructure and an open and equitable system for all participants, Adams has stated that his goal is to “move forward as much as possible, and (continue to) push it (Uniswap) in an inclusive, equitable direction”.


Adams’ mission statement has been at the forefront of leading the protocol to unrivaled popularity, but it was not an overnight success, by any means. Adams built software, a team, and relationships, in order to ensure the Uniswap protocol would come to fruition and live up to his vision.


The Uniswap Token


With the introduction of the Uniswap governance token (UNI), the future of the protocol is lead by shared community ownership and a dedicated, decentralized governance system. The UNI token is the native governance token of the Uniswap protocol, and upon launch, 60% of UNI’s genesis supply was airdropped to community members who had interacted with the protocol before September of 2020.


Thirty days following the launch of UNI, community members received control over the Uniswap treasury – granting them rights to vote on the allocation of the token towards grants, partnerships, mining pools, and governance over community initiatives.


At the time of the UNI airdrop, 400 tokens were worth roughly $1200 – this “crypto stimulus” could even be seen as repayment for all those pesky Ethereum gas fees.


A Decentralized Financial Future


By eliminating any trusted intermediary parties, Uniswap allows for fast and efficient trading. Inspired by the Ethereum foundation, built on ideals of permissionless access and security, Uniswap removes the need to rely on a counterparty, thus eliminating any counterparty risk.


The future of the protocol is lead by shared community ownership and a dedicated, decentralized governance system - the vision of Uniswap is a future where anybody has access to financial services.

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