Swapfolio March Update Announcement

By Austin Reihl | Cyberfeed | 25 Mar 2021

This article covers all the new features included with the latest update to the Swapfolio application.


New Feature: Desktop Price Alert (Pro Feature)


The new Desktop Price Alert feature lets users set a recurring or one-time alert on prices for either tokens in your holdings or watchlist. Currently, this feature is only available to users of the Pro version of Swapfolio - available by staking 1,000 or more $SWFL tokens.


This feature works well with popular browsers like ChromeSafari, and Firefox. As long as the same browser session remains alive, you will get push notifications - even when the Swapfolio app remains running in the background or closed. There is no need to keep the app open!


For Mac OS users, you may need to allow push notifications in your Preferences, like so: 


System Preferences > Notifications > Select Your Browser > Allow Notifications > Choose Alert Style


Once you have a one-time or recurring price-alert set-up, simply clicking any push-notifications you are greeted with will open the app in a new browser tab!


Note: Unfortunately, this feature works on desktop only, as Metamask blocks push notifications. You may be required to allow notifications on your browser of choice for this new feature to work.


New Improvements to Application Preferences


We’ve implemented a setting feature to allow users to select their preferred language (SPA and EN) and currencies (ETH or USD). 


Once set, the next time you’re in the app, it’ll retain your preferences - no longer are users required to switch currencies every time they land!


Fixes & Optimizations


We have implemented several fixes and optimizations to ensure the smoothest user experience. They are:

  • Added Uniswap Info quick links in Token Details.

  • Fixed 0 transaction daily volume bug

  • Optimized token balance query with larger-scale token listings

  • Big number cleanup for calculations

  • Refactor UI to fit new features and maintain mobile responsiveness

In Closing


The team at Swapfolio is happy to announce the latest update to our trading app, and we hope you enjoy the new features and updates now available to users!


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