Ethereum Miners Are Causing a Gaming Computer Shortage

By Austin Reihl | Cyberfeed | 18 Mar 2021

According to a recent report by British video game magazine PCGamesN, Ethereum (ETH) miners have contributed to a shortage in gaming computers, specifically laptops.


Ethereum Mining Profitability Boom


Analysts have stated that the mining boom has coincided with the demand for high-end gaming laptops, skyrocketing together with Ether mining profitability. In the last month alone, ETH miners began earning as much as $3.5 million per houras reported in a tweet by GlassNode.


Amazon Gaming Computer Shortage


While it is still possible to find one on Amazon, gamers shopping on the platform for gaming computers, specifically laptops, have observed this to be increasingly difficult as of late.


Reports have speculated that the coinciding mining boom, along with the demand for high-end gaming laptops, has exacerbated the problems of gamers who found the online shopping platform’s inventory becoming increasingly scarce.


NVIDIA “Nerfs” GPU Hashrate


In response to the recent Ether mining boom, leading chipmaker Nvidia has nerfed the hash rate of its soon-to-be-released 3060 card to make it less attractive for miners, according to a report found here. This move, however, could spur even more demand for these much-sought-after gaming laptops since they do not have any such restrictions.


With that said, slashing the hash rate could soon be a new normal. According to an article found on PCGamer, Ether mining limiters could very well soon become the industry standard.


Note: It is worth mentioning that Nvidia’s anticipated RTX 3080 Ti will also come with mining limitations, although the specifications are yet to be released officially.


Burying the Hatchet With NVIDIA CMP


In a recent blog post, Nvidia announced plans to release a cryptocurrency mining processor, NVIDIA CMP, specifically designed for mining ETH. For example, the innovative new product to be released does not support graphics. This adjustment allows miners to achieve overall better performance, but there are other features to be appreciated by miners.


For instance, by removing display outputs, it becomes possible to improve airflow conditions. The NVIDIA CMP also consumes less electricity because of its lower voltage and frequency.


This announcement undoubtedly came to the delight of most miners and hardcore computer gamers, as this likely means gamers and miners can finally bring the long-lasting feud to an end and bury the hatchet.


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