Have you heard of LBRY? Get paid LBRY Credits to watch videos

By KryptoKoala | Aussie crypto newbie | 29 Dec 2020


I recently wrote a post about Theta.tv a decentralized streaming platform where you can earn TFuel for watching streams. LBRY is a very similar platform, it is a decentralized digital content marketplace. This digital library of content includes videos, music, e-books etc. LBRY.tv and its more user friendly counterpart Odysee.com are alternatives to YouTube which store entries of the available content on the LBRY blockchain.

There are a lot of videos and channels which can also be found on YouTube. This is due to the YouTube sync partner program which allows all the videos in your channel to be backed up in the LBRY block chain allowing you to earn on any videos uploaded.

When you create an account on LBRY.tv or Odysee.com the login details can also be used on the other website. The credits and account details will be the same across both sites.

How do I earn?

After registering and being approved for earning rewards (can take a few days) you can begin watching videos and earning rewards.

The rewards page lists all of the rewards which can be earned for both watching videos and for creating and uploading videos.



Where can I exchange LBC tokens?

The LBC tokens can be exchanged on the following exchanges.

If you are in Australia like me I would recommend CoinSpot.

How do I transfer LBC?

LBC can be transferred by clicking your wallet balance in the top righthand corner and selecting the Send button.


You can then enter the amount to transfer and the address.

Sending credits

Once the credits have been sent it will appear as a pending transaction.

Pending Transaction

Clicking the transaction ID will open up the LBRY Block Explorer where additional details about the transaction can be viewed.

Final thoughts

I will not be using Odysee going forward as only one of the YouTube channels I regularly watch is also on Odysee, however there is a lot of potential for this platform in the future. Try it out for yourself and watch while you earn!

Here are my referral links for platforms and exchanges mentioned in this article.
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Click here to sign up for CoinSpot (this is a referral link for an Australia only exchange)

Click here to sign up for Theta.tv (this is a referral link)


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I am fairly new to cryptocurrencies and want to share what I have learnt with other beginners. I also want to share my experience with trading platforms available in Australia

Aussie crypto newbie
Aussie crypto newbie

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