Australian crypto exchanges supporting Spark (FLR) Airdrop

By KryptoKoala | Aussie crypto newbie | 11 Dec 2020


I use Independent Reserve as my primary centralized exchange but did not realise until earlier today that it will not be supporting the Spark token Airdrop. Thankfully, there are two Australian exchanges which will be distributing tokens.


If you are using either Coinspot or Swyftx exchange then great news! The Airdrop of Spark tokens is supported by both exchanges and there is less than 12 hours before the snapshot is taken. (Still enough time to transfer your XRP into one of these exchanges if you have an account)




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I am fairly new to cryptocurrencies and want to share what I have learnt with other beginners. I also want to share my experience with trading platforms available in Australia

Aussie crypto newbie
Aussie crypto newbie

Getting started in buying and trading crypto currencies was not as simple as I expected. If you are new to crypto like me and are based in countries where centralized exchanges such as Coinbase are fairly limited then follow me as I share what I have learnt while starting out . ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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