Interviewing Jeremy Kauffman From LBRY
Interviewing Jeremy Kauffman From LBRY

By Scottcbusiness.eth | @ScottCBusiness | 4 weeks ago

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I had the opportunity to chat with Jeremy Kauffman who is the founder and CEO of the decentralized video hosting platform LBRY. But LBRY is much more than just that, it’s a secure, open, and community-run digital marketplace where you can enjoy the latest content from your favorite creators—as a user, not a product.

You can actually consume content that exists on many different people’s computers with true peer to peer blockchain-enabled video hosting.

These are the questions I asked him:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? - 0:24
  • How busy are you now / How does your day look? - 1:18
  • Can you give us a brief introduction to LBRY? - 2:30
  • What gave you the idea and when did you start it and or begin to discuss the idea? -5:31
  • What are the next big updates for LBRY to release soon or that are in the works? - 7:36
  • Where does LBRY fit in with other existing similar projects? - 12:25
  • Do you see there being a big resistance point for people who don't want to download something? - 14:30 - Short answer: They just launched a website
  • Where do you see LBRY project going in the next year? The next 5 years? - 17:43
  • What is the current userbase size and how well is the project growing? - 20:37
  • Will you or any of your team be attending any upcoming crypto or blockchain-related events? - 23:31
  • Can you share with everyone where they can go to learn more about this? - 26:00

You can learn all about LBRY at and sync your YouTube channel via

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