First Ever NugPorn Book Unboxing, Thank You @TecnosGirl - D00k13 Digest

By d00k13 | @d00k13 | 22 Dec 2019


What up my Peeps, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, it has been a little while!pagebreak right - smokeio.jpg

Starting off I wanna make note it felt kinda weird doing one of these unboxing's as my first step back into more of a singular topic rather then rambling vlog of my daily activities 😅 afterwards I was stoked and have decided to do a few more... work on the style of shots and learn how to capture things then edit for the sake of sharing the #unboxing experience rather then my reaction of the experience only ... you will notice I am back to a normal landscape frame for this which will be the defining factor to a "daily" vlog or "digest" video.

This video I unbox a letter... or maybe I unletter a Nug Porn Book sent to me many months ago by @TecnosGirl for winning her #RoachSunday #Contest. I freaking love it and I am pretty certain the video captured that perfectly!

Side Note for #420FreeWrite ... I found working software on iOS mobile so I can add most of the effects I am looking for with precision... 5 subscriptions later LOL the winner is VideoLeap by Enlight 👌 seriously guys this company is my go to for anything editing wise video and photo though the best features are not free, I now own their whole suite, subscription is inexpensive compared to what we earn in STEEM for our creations and their competitors with the same level of simplicity!

Thank You So Much @TecnosGirl and Great Job Authors!

Check Her Blog For More Contests Here:


Till Next Time, Smokem' If Yea Gottem'


#contest #unboxing #roachsunday #d00k13digest


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