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$QRDO Update - Institutional Money = Big, Big Money...

By cryptjockey | #Crypto Reports | 1 Nov 2021

Institutional Money = Big, Big Money...

Starting this article out by giving a huge shout out to @MetaMask and @MMInstitutional for all their great work creating tools and providing increasingly easy access into the #crypto space.

$QRDO @Qredonetwork looks to be a significant player and value add to this expanding ecosystem.  

Check out Qredo's website here:  




Qredo Media Center:

Setting up an Organization Account:  

Qredo is on a mission to streamline institutional fund management in the cryptocurrency space. Their partnership with Metamask Institutional @MMInstitutional is game changing industry access as they build out systems and infrastructure alongside the most trusted Ethereum wallet on the market.  

Having @MMInstitutional in the cockpit with $QRDO developers proves their insight into global blockchain technology infrastructure.

Also at the helm is Josh Goodbody as COO who brings an impressive background to the leadership team having spent a few years at Binance as EMEA and Executive Director.  




While working at Binance Josh established an impressive network as seen here on this zoom call with CZ @cz_binance and Michael Saylor @saylor.

If you don't know who these players are, I strongly suggest you look them up and do a little research.    




Expanding wallet access and functionality for fund managers and institutions.

Up until now wallets have existed primarily at the personal level with individuals learning how to take custody of their own digital assets. Qredo is about to level up and allow institutions and fund managers to create wallets and manage their constituents’ access into the fund.   This is going to seriously increase the level of access retail individuals have into crypto markets in general, and in my opinion will be a significant driving force to growing the overall market cap of the crypto markets.

Also, @coinbase is a significant partner to highlight, because of their influence they have an amazing track record of finding the key industrial players before they happen.



The entire crypto market is about to 10x

As of writing this article the aggregate market cap of the crypto markets is $2.6 trillion dollars according to @coinmarketcap

Let's compare a few well known brands and their market caps for better context.   Amazon has a market cap of $1.74 trillion dollars. Apple has a market cap $2.45 trillion dollars. Google has a market cap of  $1.91 trillion dollars.   Should I go on?



The New York Stock Exchange has a market cap of $26.91 trillion dollars.
The NASDAQ Stock Exchange has a market cap of $23.46 trillion dollars.
The Shanghai Stock Exchange has a market cap of $7.69 trillion dollars.
The London Stock Exchange has a market cap of $3.83 trillion dollars.
(This also puts into perspective why “American Markets” are so coveted.).      


$2.6 trillion is only 4% of the market...  


These are the numbers we need to keep in perspective when we consider how $QRDO will be utilized in the future, the tools they are building, who they serve, and scope of industry impact. 


In the future it's plausible that the value held vicariously by the exchanges will he held in DeFi wallets, be those personal wallets or institutional wallets managed by a fund manager... either way the exchanges will become more decentralized over time, moving power to the people.



The exchanges are terrified of the Defi movement, and for good reason. They know that eventually they will be forced to succumb to the new paradigm of money. One way or another, they're going to lose the war.  


Notice all the talk is in the context of trillions of dollars, not billions…

The entire crypto space is going to 10x by 2025. 

The current $2.6 trillion market cap will be sitting at $25 trillion in about 5 years, and nobody will blink an eye.   It won't happen overnight, but the trend lines can’t be disputed. When we look up and the market has doubled and sitting at $5 trillion, $BTC sits at $100,000 per coin and $ETH 2.0 has solidified Ethereum’s dominance in alt space(maybe)… we’ll still be sitting at a market cap that’s less than 10% of the global economy.

We just have to be patient.


Crypto could end up consumer the entire economy... it's a new paradigm, a new way of thinking about and interacting with money.  


If you're reading this we are early...

So, so early- and $QRDO @QredoNetwork is building the systems that’s going to expand the market, and become it's foundational software.

$QRDO is ground zero for institutional clients and it’s almost scary to think about where this company could be in 5 years, and I intend to monitor their developments through the entire process.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to join the conversation by following @cryptjockey on twitter.




I'll be waiting...



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#Crypto Reports
#Crypto Reports

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