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#Crypto Report: $VRA [898 Words]

By cryptjockey | #Crypto Reports | 31 Oct 2021

*This content is for educational purposes only and not intended to be financial advice.

The Revolution is Upon Us  $VRA,  

This is easily one of the most exciting projects for me to write about.   Why is it so exciting? One word… Patent.  

They have an enforceable United States of America Patent.  



[Update] @verasitytech just tweeted that their patents are now going global with the European Union Regional Phase Application # EP21713762.9!      



Now do you realize why things are moving “slow” for $VRA as they get their intellectual property's legal protection in place?    An anti-fraud company putting mechanisms in place to protect against fraud makes too much sense, but forces the company to move at the speed of smell through the legal system.   

It only makes too much sense...  

This company is smart. They pursued the US patent first, which sets the precedent for the world stage. The EPO application should be a shoe in.  

Verasity Proof of View Patent was recently set to active, with priority claimed from US17/328,695, Published on June 24, 2021.   More proof via




    This is a huge advantage and head start for a VERY young company in a novel (meaning brand new) space.   At the end of the day, I’m putting my money on the global patent. The company has other ways to make money and it wouldn’t be worth pursuing all the legal protection if there wasn’t something seriously worth protecting.  

What does all this mean?  

Their patent, so long as it manages to stay enforceable and maintained by the company, solidifies Verasity’s relevancy (and plausible dominance in the anti-fraud space) well into the future, and for at least the next decade.  

What is their claim?  

Not to put too fine a point on it, but they claim to have the technology to verify legitimate viewers of online content. For the video ad space, this is huge in preventing advertisers from paying for ads that were shown to bots and other non-person actors on the internet.

There is a huge bleed when it comes to online adverts, and advertisers know it. Unfortunately, they can’t do a damn thing about it except trust the analytics they are given and write the check.   

To help put some financials in perspective, quotes TrafficGaurd/Juniper with predicting the total cost of ad fraud heading our way in 2022 to be around $87 Billion dollars.    $87 BILLION DOLLARS OF FRAUD!

That means $87 billion dollars will be spent on advertisements that are viewed by bots...   If Verasity is able to capture even a fraction of that market share it would make for one wild ride in the price of their token, the result of which would be a much, much higher price point.   Verasity’s proof-of-view tech changes the game.    In the #NFT space, $VRA intends to mitigate fraud by authenticating original artworks and making it harder for fakes, frauds, and scammers to gain enough legitimacy to coerce a sale.  




@beeple’s ‘The First 5000 days’ sold for a whopping $69 Million dollars, and presumably anyone can still right click + save the image for themselves… it is an awkward world we live in but hopefully Verasity can help us see things a little clearer.

CH-Beeples-NFT.jpeg (Source from

Both applications are huge in and of themselves but combined as one solution is web altering.  

Don’t forget about staking...  

Another beautiful feature of $VRA is the easily accessible vera wallet ( where you currently get 25.55% APY, paid daily in $VRA.  




It’s a no brainer when you consider the lock up period is really only 4 days. 

“But Crypt, their terms and conditions say 72 hours…”  

That’s right, but you’ll need to add an additional 24 hours to the process for a manual withdrawal from cold storage, making it one of the most secure (and liquid) staking wallets you will find on the new internet.  

Not only do they have legally protected tech under their belt, but they are awash with top tier influencers.   

It only makes sense that a “proof-of-view” company would amass such a loyal and charismatic following. The eSports culture is alive and well in the $VRA community, with people getting excited about the empowering nature of the new technology and showing out. It brings a whole new level of transparency to systems that, for the sake of being polite, could use an upgrade or two.  

I encourage you to join the community by following just a few top influencers by activity count.    @verasityking @verasityclub @verasityjohn @vramillionaire @verasitykingdom @lizziechaplan @j0hnnyw00 @darkonovo   And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Just today David Gokhshtein @davidgokhshtein and Andrew Forte @_Andrewforte of Gokhshtein Media @gokhshteinmedia recently reached out to @rjmark_verasity and Johnny Murphy @johnnymurphy83 about hosting an AMA to discuss their tech and future plans. The response from twitter was overwhelming.  




Follow them all on twitter.   (No time has been set yet for the AMA… I will update as soon a information comes available)

We're early folks...  


Which brings me to the conclusion of this report in saying this… We’re early folks. 

This whole industry is being born before our very eyes. Take your time, think about your buys (don’t chase tops), but this is a project that looks to have a solid foundation and enough energy and support to make a substantial impact over the next 3-5 years, and I’m excited as hell to be along for the ride.  

Check our their website here:       


Google Patent:  

Full Patent Disclosure:  

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#Crypto Reports

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