Crodo news as of early July 2022

Crodo news as of early July 2022

By Evgeny First | Astraonline | 3 Jul 2022


Previously, we talked about the Crodo platform, which is a new launchpad for crypto projects on the Cronos network. Specifically, Crodo will provide decentralized fundraising for these startups at an early development stage.

We also looked at project tokenomics and an Ambassador program. So what news is there today?

As for the token, some time ago there was a public sale, including the opportunity for the best ambassadors of the project to participate in it.
Claiming tokens will become possible after the TGE. The Crodo team is in no hurry to do so, given the bad timing in the form of a bear market.

The team is focusing on the product, specifically on improving the functionality of the platform.

So developers are focused on 2 our big features right now: Airdrop Builder & CRM System.

In the meantime, the Ambassador Program continues. Namely, its second era ended, according to the results of which about 300 of the best Ambassadors had the opportunity to participate in the third era, which will last from July 1 to September 1.

If in the first era of the Ambassador program the reward fund was 1 million tokens divided between near 4 000 participants, in the second era of the Ambassador program the reward fund was 200 thousand tokens divided between near 500 participants, so in the third era of the Ambassador program the reward fund will be 100 thousand tokens.

Looking forward to more news from the project!

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