Crodo Ambassador Program

Crodo Ambassador Program

By Evgeny First | Astraonline | 5 Apr 2022


We recently reviewed the new IDO launchpad on Cronos named Crodo

So let's talk about Crodo Ambassador Program.

The Crodo team is hiring ambassadors to help promote the project by creating video reviews, articles, memes and attracting new members. The project tokens (CROD) are promised to the ambassadors as the main reward. In addition, ambassadors have the privilege of direct communication with the project team and, of course, can acquire new knowledge in the field of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Now let's talk about the interesting features of the Crodo Ambassador program.

1. The Ambassador program consists of epochs. An epoch is a period of time during which Ambassadors can complete tasks and gain points. Depending on the number of earned points, each Ambassador at the end of the epoch receives a reward - CROD tokens.
The first epoch will last from February 10, 2022 to May 01, 2022. According to the results of this epoch, exactly 1.0 million CROD tokens will be distributed among all ambassadors.

2. The system for tokens accruing is very transparent. All Ambassadors will receive a number of tokens proportional to the share of points they have earned from the total number of points.

3. For the convenience of ambassadors, an ambassador's cabinet was created on the Crodo official website. In this cabinet you can see which tasks you can complete and how many points you can get for each of them:


4. During the first epoch, the Crodo team recruits a lot of ambassadors. Therefore, everyone has a chance to gain experience as an ambassador and earn rewards. At the same time, according to the results of the first epoch, only the best ambassadors will be selected to getting access to the second epoch.

For more information about Crodo Ambassador Program, please visit White Paper.

You can apply to Ambassadors by filling out this FORM.


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