NBA team Utah Jazz unveils a new NFT collection

By Asmo | Asmo's | 13 Apr 2022

The NBA team Utah Jazz announced today that on Friday, April 15th a new NFT collectibles collection named JAZZXR Cub Club will drop. It will be available only through the CoinZoom NFT Marketplace.

The NFTs were designed by Brux Studio and will feature three minted versions of the teams official mascot, the Jazz Bear as it grows in age with related accessories. The first piece that's on sale this week depicts Jazz Bear as a cub with a rattle, a pacifier and a bib. There will only be 100 NFTs of this design availble, so if you're a Utah Jazz or NBA fan, you better hurry up!

In September 2021 the team launched their NFT program that combines the franchise's first digitally designed NFTs with access to a unique live experience with Jazz owner Ryan Smith in a virtual locker room. The initial Jazz NFT offering sold out in just 90 minutes.

CoinZoom, the Official Cryptocurrency platform and NFT Marketplace for the Utah Jazz, will be listing the JAZZXR Cub Club NFT Collection beginning at 10 am MT on April 15. The CoinZoom NFT Marketplace is said to provide a safe, secure venue for fans to purchase Jazz NFTs and a free wallet to store them. Fans can conveniently bid, buy, and check out. They offer a large variety of payment options, including credit cards, wires, ACH, direct deposits, and more than 40 cryptocurrencies. 

A microsite for JAZZXR, which stands for extended reality and describes the technologies related to augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality, has been created at


If you're a fan of the NBA and NFTs are your thing, you might also want to check out the league's official NFT marketplace at

As a cryptocurrencies fan and NBA fan, it's always interesting to me that the league as well as individual teams decided to dip their toes in the NFT world, because, in my opinion, they are doing it in the right way. The digital artwork is available to fans as a form of memorabilia or collectibles that actually have some nostalgic value while being backed by serious companies. It's a shame that the same can't be said about idividual player's NFT collections, since there have already been cases of players scamming their fans for thousands or even millions of dollars (see De'Aron Fox).

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