World's first deflationary crypto index fund

World's first deflationary crypto index fund

By Tommycacao | Asian every facts | 31 Jul 2020

Statera is creating a new world. The concept of "deflationary currency" cannot be compared to anything in the real world.The Statera now has over $500,000 in liquidity across our ecosystem. Our ecosystem put out over .7%daily returns multiple times in the last week, which is over 1,000% APY.The Inflation depreciates assets and favors inefficient use of capital. Deflationary assets can cause asset appreciation, less volatility, and better economic outcomes.

Power:The Statera Project has been reborn and our Phoenix Fund has already surpassed $28k liquidity in just a few hours

Easy way:Investing in the Statera project is easier than ever now that it can be done straight from the balancer pool page

possibility:Mining pool received over $15k USD in liquidity and the STATERA Index Pool increased to over $430k

Project: a smart contract powered Indexed Deflationary Token which synergizes with a trustless & community driven portfolio of class-leading cryptocurrencies.

Delta Token is a Uniswap Liquidity Pool represented by a Uniswap V2 Token. You can look at Delta Token as an index fund of 50/50 Ethereum/Statera. As a liquidity pool you provide liquidity for trades on the exchange side of Uniswap. Each time your pool services a trade you get paid a fee (like dividends). Adding Statera to your Ethereum holdings in the liquidity pool helps to increase volume. This is a result of Statera’s deflation, low market cap, and larger ecosystem (it is threaded into multiple liquidity pools). This increased volume increases the fees you earn.

Another way to make some extra Ether that is a bit more complicated is Delta Arbitrage. Delta trades mainly across three pools (for now). Statera Ether Pool (this is where Delta is “minted”), Delta Liquidity Pool (Delta-Statera), and Phoenix Indexed Fund (a pool consisting of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Synthetix, and Delta). Every time the Balancer Pool needs to buy or sell Delta a spread is created (the supply of Delta is set and only goes up or down through minting and un-minting Delta). This means when the Balancer buys Delta it’s price will go up, meaning you can mint Delta for less than that price and sell it for a profit.

We have seen community members do this themselves and here are two example results:

Example 1
Delta Token minted for .4 Ether on Uniswap
Delta Token sold for .4125 Ether on Balancer Pool
($3 profit)

Example 2
Delta Token minted for 1 Ether on Uniswap
Delta Token sold for 1.0219 Ether on Balancer Pool
($5.39 profit)


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