Earning is reall
Earn.com is reall???

By Tommycacao | Asian every facts | 8 Dec 2019

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As mentioned before, most of these sites turn out to be fake, so how can you make sure that is earn.com legit or scam? You can be very well assured that Earn.com is a legitimate site with a magnitude of users. Formerly known as 21.co, this company renamed to earn.com in 2017. Earn.com is recently acquired by Coinbase (US largest Bitcoin exchange) for $100 million. Earn.com is founded by Balaji S. Srinivas, a former partner of the renown venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and have a number of top investors like Naval Ravikant, Blake Masters and other tech giants like Cisco, Qualcomm and many more. To know more, check out their angel.co page here.

I’m personally active on the platform at > earn.com/govindchoudhary and earned a decent amount of bitcoin. Sent that bitcoin to Binance exchange and purchased some altcoins of my favorite projects that now worth good. If you want to explore Cryptocurrency, trading etc. I would recommend you to go this way and learn everything and earn without investing a single penny.


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Asian every facts
Asian every facts

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