The only meaning in art is that it is pretty
The only meaning in art is that it is pretty

By aschatria | aschatria | 16 Feb 2020

You can sell it under whatever you like, but if I personally don't see a beauty in it, I will not call it more than it is - very subjective entertaining matter of personal preferences.


For example, an image above, I made it with a pc and a digital templates. And I made a couple of them. They all look almost the same, but for some reason this one looks good to me.

Same like anything else. We all see things differently, less or more beautiful. What one person sees as an art, others sees as a garbage.

You can show me a masterpiece, and how technique is perfect and bla, bla, bla...

But, does it really do anything, but just look pretty?

Is that it?

Well, yes it is, and in that case I chose to lose my eye sight to the garbage I like to watch, rather than onto a masterpiece that gives me no vibe evidencing the lack of style... but without a beauty, we hardly can define ourselves.

It also doesn't mean that I will pay 10 million dollars for the picture.

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