Crypto blogging - practical advice on how to publish content in Trybe.One

By aschatria | aschatria | 1 week ago

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Trybe is a crypto blogging website with rewards based on Trybe, EOS token. You can keep your earnings once you withdrew them in Scatter, or any similar.
Current price is $0.0001 per Trybe token,0.0001 but earnings per article are cc 2000 tokens, so it is ok.

This post is only about one practical advice how to publish on Trybe without losing your valuable post to zero reward.

When you publish on Trybe your article has to be pre-approved. The best practice is that you keep your content objective, on-topic, around 500 words, with supporting images, videos and links ... so all the good stuff.

But! - there is one thing they do not say to you, and it is about the Drafts and returned posts.

If you keep your content in draft or if it has been returned for revision, after it is approved it will be published with initial date of creation. Not with the date when it was approved.

That means that if you keep your article too long it will sink under all the other content and you won't get absolutely nothing for it - no votes, no comments, nothing.

So, if you publish on Trybe, do not keep your articles in draft and if returned for revision, simply write a fresh copy instead of returning a "repaired" article.




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