Cash: Weekly earning statistic for February
Cash: Weekly earning statistic for February

By aschatria | aschatria | 11 Feb 2020

I don't do much writing these days, because I have been building a few apps/webs, so there is no much time for anything else. My writing and social webs still brought some income for me, and ( I doubt this can apply to all writers because of the different audience and content) this is what came out of it.


MEMOCASH holds the highest place and makes 59% of reward pie.

LBRY is another surprise, because I am still getting used to this new platform so it was kind of weird to see it makes a slice of 18%.

PUBLISH, STEEM and READCASH are all the crypto blogging platforms and they have an equal slice of around 7% each.

ETH based CENT on which I occasionally post and the ADSENSE which I have on my personal blog are basically invisible.

I have some other things going on, but they are at this moment unimportant.


What more can you get from me?

The internet is such a great way to connect, and all that you use on it exists in the paid alternative. So, swap your old free apps and webs for the ones that will value your content and pay your time.

  • ReadCash -blog about anything and get rewarded in Bitcoin Cash

  • MemoCash - decentralized Bitcoin Cash Twitter alternative

  • LBRY - decentralized YouTube alternative, get paid in LBC, stake it or swap for BCH with SimpleSwap

  • Publish0x - maintain up to three blogs and get paid in BAT for writing and voting ( SimpleSwap supported)

  • SatoshiWall- monetize anything with Bitcoin Cash, sell your digital goods, music or photos

  • SpinBCH - fun game, spin and win some BCH

  • LocalBitcoinCash - trade, buy and earn BCH easily, find work, offer services

  • Skrill - FIAT and CRYPTO in one, debit card, bank cashouts and BCH wallet/exchange available


Networker, programmer, writer, poet, humorist



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