The Re-Litigation Of Facts - Another Step Closer To The Fall Of An Empire

By Myxoplixx | As-The-World-Truly-Is | 12 Jun 2021

Statue of Liberty under water, up to her shoulders.Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should be currently aware of the U.S.’s social and civil predicament. Therefore, there is no reason to restate the growing list of national ills. The election of Donald Trump was proof of white-nationalist dominance and right-winged indoctrination of the Republican GOP. The GOP’s political inclusion and mainstream acceptance of an unapologetic, narcissistic, failure of a human, allowed for the popularization of incompetence, hate, and stupidity. Display of these unappealing characteristics at the highest level of politics gave credence to that same display at the lowest levels of society. Along with the promotion of traits long associated with undesirable behavior, challenging the truth has become a point of personal and political pride for some of the lesser informed in our society. But let’s be clear, Trump was not the cause of this environment, he was the effect of the rotting away of republican values and morals. Christians my $#%^.

Facts, belief in truth, the literal acceptance to reality, have been well established in America. These tenets have been part of the foundation of America's success since its creation. The attack on the institution of truth is an attack upon the foundation of our country. Be forewarned, these attacks are happening for selfish reasons. It can be seen in the fracturing of our civil unity and the muting of our democratic practices. It's ironic, the conspiratorial-minded fringe republicans scream about protecting democratic freedoms, yet they wish to do so using authoritarian tactics. Hmm, odd. Their main retort to the truth is usually a reiterated perversion of that same truth. How unoriginal.

Make no mistake, these ill-informed GOP simpletons are not the majority of those who identify as republican. They are the illogical, Fox News-influenced, indoctrinated minority. Individuals like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, have made a fortune fomenting racial, religious, economic, and political division. The problem is that listeners to these commentators believe what they (Hannity, Carlson) say are true and factual. These same listeners fervently defend and even regurgitate the views coming out of these Fox commentators mouth. Defending against civil litigation, Fox News lawyers argued that no reasonable person would, or should, ever believe that what Tucker Carlson says as being factual or true, U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil agreed.

Most fans of these Fox commentators are unaware that individuals like Carlson are not journalists, who must abide by professional standards to the truth. Individuals like Carlson, are merely entertainment commentators who use exaggerated personal beliefs to intentionally inflame their audience. This type of business model has been good for repeat business. Believing what these commentators say as factual has led to the current state of an indoctrinated wing of the GOP willing to become violent to defend a lie. A lie told simply to grow an audience and personal enrichment.

Spending time reproving facts to the selectively ignorant is nationally regressive. However,  it must be done because these individuals are a danger to the stability of our social fabric. There is a name for those who intentionally mislead the gullible to act violent, and that word is not patriot.

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