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Bill Cosby Is Free, Justice Is Broken, And That Ain't New

By Myxoplixx | As-The-World-Truly-Is | 2 Jul 2021

Broken Lady JusticeOur criminal justice system has nothing to do with if you did or did not break the law. It has everything to do with navigating a contradictory, racially-weighted, fiscally-influenced literature-based jigsaw puzzle. The US judicial trial system is mostly predicated on injecting confusion into 12 intellectually questionable individuals. I reiterate, justice has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court's overturning of Bill Cosby’s criminal conviction will distract, disorientate, disappoint, and even dismay many people. Some will equate Bill Cosby to OJ Simpson and think how can another black dude get away with a crime of which he is obviously guilty.

 We in America have been conditioned to believe all black people are guilty, regardless of the accusation. Be honest...umm hmm.  You see, that's that subconscious bias we all have. It's an unknown truth about self, until you truly assess your inner thoughts. By no means am I a Bill Cosby apologist, however, the real affront to our justice system was that he was criminally charged in the first place. He did it, he admitted he did it, so he's guilty. And none of that has anything to do with our criminal justice system. "Pennsylvania’s highest court threw out Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction...ruling that the prosecutor who brought the case was bound by his predecessor’s agreement not to charge Cosby."


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Due to Cosby’s participation in a 2006 civil case, he received immunity from criminal prosecution of that specific civil case. The Montgomery County, PA criminal prosecutors knowingly violated Bill Cosby’s 5th Amendment right when they charged him with sexual assault. They knew it and didn't care. By now, most people around the world are keenly aware of the dysfunctional dichotomy between US law enforcement and black men. Cosby’s criminal case was just another example of that subjective treatment.

Our justice system is not perfect, in fact it's broken. It's unfair, racially biased, financially selective, internally manipulated, but it's the only one we have.  Once we start intentionally eroding the fragile trust we have in our social institutions, we further erode the foundation of this American empire. And we all know what they say about empires. Look at the January 6 attack upon the Capitol building. Insurrection-inspired violence was the result of GOP Republican's silence to Donald Trump constantly lying about the fairness of our elections' voting infrastructure.

Whether you believe Bill Cosby should be criminally punished for obviously being a serial rapist is irrelevant, because "the law" says he shouldn't be. Yes, the uninformed will raise a stink when they become aware of this perceived judicial breakdown, especially since that breakdown benefits an individual in the minority. Just wait and listen to what Faux News commentators Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson has to say about this situation. Their dishonesty and hypocrisy will be obvious to everyone other than the extreme, radicalized, right-wing white nationalist, otherwise known as the Republican Party.

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As these Faux News clowns feign outrage and spout on about white-shaming and black privilege, let's not forget that what has happened to Bill Cosby is an aberration of the law. No, it is not normal nor is it typical. What is normal is what happened to 16 year old Kalief Browder, who eventually took his own life because of his experience with the law. Kalief Browder spent 3 years in a New York jail awaiting trial, 2 of which were in solitary confinement, for allegedly stealing a backpack, of which was not in his possession. This 16 year old child was beat and abused by adult guards and inmates.

Browder was an individual with principles, he refused to plead guilty to a crime he knew he didn't commit. He also knew pleading guilty would allow him to escape the mental and physical torment he was experiencing while waiting for his day in court. Speedy justice my @$$. After 31 court appearances, before 8 different judges, the charges against Browder were dropped. There was no Twitter outrage, no mainstream social acknowledgement of Browder's ordeal. Our criminal justice system has nothing to do with if you did or did not break the law, so calm the 🤬 down about Bill Cosby and see what you can do to help change our broken legal processes.

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