The Legend of Barmuda

By Arusivadam | Magical Earth | 27 Oct 2020

Almost 50000 square kilometers of area in North Atlantic ocean and very close to North America where more than 50 ships and 20 of the airoplanes are disappeared mysteiously without a single clue to find them. What was behind this. Is it a devils work?

Some of the people may believe it is devils work, so they called this specified area  “Devils Triangle”. Scientists called this area as Bermuda triangle. One of the mysterious place on mother earth

Bahamas, bermuda and east coast of North America are the three edges of barmuda triangle. There are still confusions on these three points and the size of  Bermuda because someone says the area can be more than three times of 50000 square kilometers.

The world renowned Christopher Columbus claims that he saw a great and big flame of fire crashed into the ocean, and after a week a strange light appeared in the distance  may be that was a meteoroid falling from the sky. Some people still believe that the devils triangle was formed because of this strange incident.

There are more theories about this legend.

  1. Some people say earths gravitational center lies in there that’s why ships and planes are disappearing into the sea.
  2. There is some strong magnetic force which attracts planes and ships
  • Some people says there are paranormal forces or aliens from other planets ,some one claims that they saw alien space ships passing through this specific area.


There are people who escapes from the Barmudas devil hands  One of them is a pilot when he said his experience, we can hear it like in a fantasy world

  His name is Bruce Gernon. He was flying from Andros Island to Miami with two others on his plane on December 4, 1970.
At an altitude of about eleven thousand feet, an unusually large cloud appeared in the opposite direction of the plane. He had no choice but to walk through the cloud, so he continued his journey through the cloud. But within seconds of entering the cloud, the cloud began to turn black.
Intense light was seen as thunder on both sides. After walking for a while, I could see the clouds in front of the plane changing into a tunnel-like shape.
The blue sky began to appear on the other side of the tunnel. He turned the plane in that direction to escape the clouds. But as soon as it entered the tunnel, it began to shrink.
All the indicators of the plane began to spin as if it had crashed and he finally got the plane out with great effort.
The message from the airport in Miami literally shocked everyone on board.
Why that message is that they have arrived in Miami.
The journey, which usually took about eighty minutes, took them only forty-five minutes.

The fact is that the plane on which they flew did not have the ability to reach the speed of arrival so early.
Then how did this happen?
No one has an answer as to whether teleportation happened. It is said that there are many scientific reasons for this, but no one has been able to prove it.

Have you heard about Reza Baluchi?. He is the man who tries to cross Bermuda Triangle in his giant bubble ball. Crazy man isn't it?. 

The Bermuda Triangle is still a mysterious place with a lot of secrets to discover.
I will come back with more about the Bermuda Triangle.
Hopefully grammatical errors will be forgiven.




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