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By Arusivadam | Magical Earth | 3 Sep 2020

Every human being is on a race to seek answers and to know what else around them. Finding the answers s has no full stops, but only comas. 

Why the human baby needs one to one and half years to walk on their little feet, but most of the other animals cubs are able to walk on their little feet from the couple of days of birth.This is amazing.

All living things are created according to their lifestyle and environment. For example, animals and humans. Animals that hunt and eat prey have appropriate organs, such as sharp teeth and claws.
The body of marine life is designed to adapt to their habitat
The same is true of plants. Land plants and sea plants are definitely different in some ways.


Mother Earth has given us everything we need to live. We, the self-centered human beings, are taking more and more from the earth than we need. With a population of 7.8 billion, the supply of clean water, one of the basic necessities of life, is declining. Seventy-one percent of the land is covered by water, and 97 percent of the water is saline seawater. Only 3% of the total water is available for drinking. The availability of fresh water in the Indian capital, Delhi, is set to decline dangerously in the next 18 to 20 months. It will be unfortunate that the condition of the waterless city will be worse than imagined.

This is not just a situation in one place or one city. In many parts of the world, water is already scarce. The situation where you have to pay for drinking water all the time is terrible. You have to walk for miles to fetch water, and there is no rain.

We humans buy water even if we pay but what about animals?
Animals will be trapped due to lack of water. Due to climate change and lack of rainfall, the animals will start dying en masse. Terrible condition. Those who cannot purify seawater will have to live by drinking salt water.


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I am a person from a middle class financially averaged family lives in southern part of great India called Kerala ,Wayanad. Basically i am one of them who always like to travel along one place another beautiful place and another again another.

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