7 Miles deep depth and filled with water!!!

By Arusivadam | Magical Earth | 19 Sep 2020

Sometimes when we hear this we think for a moment that it is amazing.
That is, water, which combines combustible hydrogen with combustible, oxygen, can extinguish combustion, isn't it cool?

It takes a long time for water to combine with oxygen and hydrogen naturally in nature, so just imagine how much water will be needed to fill all these oceans?

The Mariana Trench, the deepest sea and land area, is about seven miles [11.03km] deep, and there is enough water to fill it.

Yes, I am talking about Mariana trench the deepest place on earth. In fact the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest can be fully dip into this Mariana Trench but Everest needs to grow up to almost 2000+meters to touch the water surface.   Mariana Trench is the almost 2500 km (1554miles) long and almost 70 km (44 miles) wide,  located in the western Pacific Ocean about 200 kilometres east of the Mariana Islands; it is the deepest oceanic trench on Earth. Studies on the Mariana Trench are still ongoing, but there are still a number of difficulties with the study,

If you want to go there for research and exploration you definitely have to cross a lot of barriers. You need to eliminate your fears first



As you go deeper into the Mariana Trench, the danger increases, with fierce darkness and frightening angler-like fish, gigantic aquatic creatures, and volcanoes large and small.

On top of all that, if you put more than a hundreds elephants on your head at the same time, you will face the same amount of pressure with extreme cold.

This adventure can only be undertaken with the use of specialized vehicles capable of withstanding extreme pressure in compliance with strict safety standards.

The deepest part of the Mariana Trench is called the Challenger Deep.
Director James Cameron, who has gifted us with a lot of amazing films like Avatar, is also a man who has conquered the Challenger Deep.
Perhaps one of his upcoming films will be about Mariana Trent. He saw many species there and a disaster also" man - made plastic".

As you reach Challenger Deep you can see4 massive deposits of sulfur in many places.



 Let's take a simple trip to Challenger Deep

Ninety percent of marine life is about 700 feet below sea level.

Typical nuclear submarines travel at depths of up to 800 feet. Going a little further down from there is the maximum distance of the famous scuba diving (1044 feet), and it is also home to some of the deepest scuba diving ever.

3300 Feet, People who are afraid of the dark should not go down from here as not a single grain of sunlight can be seen here and no sunlight can reach here. Blue whales are the largest  mammals that prefer to live in the deep of 8200 feet. At a depth of about 12500 feet, the world famous Titanic rest in peace at this depth. CNN travel reports London based travel company ,Blue Marble Private Was planing to organise private tours to visit RIP Titanic. Now a days is its possible to visit titanic all you have to pay thousands of us dollars and attend some training.

This is a very severe pressure area. The deeper the pressure, the more it doubles as it goes deeper.

Creatures with vertebrates and bones cannot live here because the pressure is naturally high.  Therefore, the organisms found here do not have a backbone.snail fish(ghost fish) deepest living fish ever filmed are lives here at 25200 Feets.

Going deeper again, Mount Everest is as deep as it can be when you turn it upside down, 29000 feet deep. Yes Mount Everest can be completely submerged here. However, we still have a long way to go to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Dead and living creatures and their remains, as well as salts, form a layer 36000 feet deep bottom. It's called Challenger Deep. It is the deepest and final part of the Mariana Trench. The water pressure in here is about 8 ton per square inch. There are more studies about Mariana Trench to find what else in there and how is this formed.



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