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Analysis of RARE by Frenetik Void

By Artique | Artique NFT Analysis | 26 Oct 2021

RARE-Frenetik Void


RARE- by Frenetik Void


‘Rare’ by Frenetik Void is an absolute fever dream of detail, perfectly encapsulating the artists moniker. Recently selling for nearly $30k, this 1:1 image evokes a snapshot of the rising energy currently happening in the NFT space. Frenetik’s mutant figure is akin to the makeshift mermaids that sailors would Frankenstein together from fish and monkey corpses, enchanting people with tales of undersea kingdoms. So too does this current space of technology feel like an otherworldly place, one where six-armed mermaids are hardly out of place hunting for the latest airdrop and the next upcoming project.

The Rarible tabs open along the top are the gateway drug that have opened the mermaid’s mind. Screens of cascading images fill the page in every direction with novel textures, forms, and subjects. There is a literal Open Sea of endless possibility to swim through. The creature appears to be on an intense drug trip, and the airdrop was a dealer handing out free samples. Claim the tokens and forever be chasing the dragon, three of your hands full of diamonds and eyes fixed on the prize.

The subject matter is disjointed and disconnected, overlaying grasping hands, strange runes, and a psychedelic compendium of color. An endless buffet of creation, and the creature is prepared to devour it all. Arrows pointing directly down the smiling gullet, wide and red underneath raw and unblinking eyes, the bevy of projects being gluttonously devoured. Even as malformed as it is, the creature rides a high that we are all feeling as we cruise through the platforms, eagerly reaching for the next thing that’s Rare.

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