Analysis of 77H5AO6 by artistK

By Artique | Artique NFT Analysis | 5 Nov 2021




by artistK


In a lovely abstract collection, artistK gives an open-ended gift to each viewer. Their art is a thematic collection of textures, shapes, and lines placed in various manners along a creamy papyrus-like background. There is an inky blockiness with tattered edges on some, moon-like dollops of orange in others, but all of them contain a signature number and letter identification, set into the piece as another visual focal point. The movement within each piece is seemingly random and possibly even erratic at first glance. However, the closer you look, the more mechanical and fluid it becomes, as fanning arcs hinge themselves at the corners of blocky baseplates, and spindly webbings fall directly from dripping swirls. Occasionally, there are skulls, trees, and mandalas, for those that prefer more traditional figures.


In essence, that preference is what defines the concept of artistK’s work. They have assembled the pieces, but the audience is the interpreter. The meaning of the work is defined by the a priori connotations that each individual brings to the piece. To some, a solid figure is a foreboding or overbearing presence, while to others it harbors emotions of stability and grounding. ArtistK asks you to bring the work to life through your own experience, presenting the recipient with a chance to find a kindred connection within it. Your interpretations form the reality of the image. This sort of artistic liberty and individualization is a welcome take on an NFT collection, where emotion and spirit are lost in seas of flash and gimmick.


Aesthetically, there is a sort of rawness to the assembly that is almost organic. The color palette is subdued and matte, avoiding the sleek shine that encumbers so much of the virtual space, while the detailed texture bring the virtual image to life. Overall, these works are an excellent execution of a bold concept, allowing both the artist and the audience to be illuminated in the process.

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