Top Blockchain games - Earn crypto by playing

Top Blockchain games - Earn crypto by playing

        Is gaming a big part of your life but you feel bad for wasting time and not getting anything in return? Take a look at the new "Play to Earn" system blockchain games are offering! 

Artist: Garrett Johnson

        The difference between regular "play to win" games and blockchain games is that they are decentralized. This means that instead of you owning your items on your account that is owned by the game, blockchain games use NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to create unique digital items that are stored on your wallet. This makes trading items between players for crypto possible, which most games before that prevented with their TOS.

Here are my favorite blockchain games right now:

1. Axie Infinity

        Axie Infinity is the most advanced blockchain game at this moment. It is a Pokémon-inspired universe where you battle axies which are cute creatures that you can also breed. You can sell axies or small love potions which you get from winning battles and are needed to breed your axies. The biggest drawback about this game is that in order to start playing you need to buy 3 axies, the cheapest one at this moment being 160$.

2. Lost Relics

        Lost Relics is a game similar to Diablo3 where you complete dungeons and hope that rare item worth 6,000$ drops. The dungeons are pretty hard and the game is a lot about grinding, which gives some of the items such a high value. Getting to the harder dungeons will require you to learn about kiting enemies and timing your attacks. In Lost Relics you can buy a Power Pendant which allows you to access more dungeons and support the developer. That's right, the whole game is designed by one developer, Cliff Cawley. 

3. The Sandbox

        The Sandbox is a virtual Minecraft-like world where players can play games to earn rewards, create games that you can be monetized, or design models that can be sold on the new marketplace. Designing for The sandbox requires no coding or graphic design experience. The game rewards both the players and the creators.

4. LightNite

       Lightnite is a multiplayer battle-royale game with in-game reward items that players can consume or trade. The game rewards with bitcoin as you shoot enemies and has a cartoonish design.


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